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Episode #96: Where, When and How to Get Client Reviews

My coaching client today is Carly, a dog trainer, pet sitter and dog walker based in Pismo Beach, California who really wants to rocket her business to the next level. She has a lot of questions of how best to do that in a short amount of time. In this coaching session, we go over how to ask clients for online reviews, what the best review sites are for pet professionals, why being a small business can be a big benefit for her and for you right now, plus a lot more!

Carly reached out to me for a coaching session that she knew would be recorded for the podcast. Like most pet business owners, Carla’s business was negatively impacted by the pandemic and though it’s been picking up, she wants to get it doing even better than her business was doing before the pandemic. You’ll hear how she can do that – and how you can too!

I’m grateful to Carly for asking such clear questions and to be so “coachable”. If you’d like a coaching session with me, use one of the links below to schedule one. I’d love to work with you!

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