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Imagine that you could get advice from pet business and mind/body/spirit experts (and learn from their successes and mistakes) to help you grow your business.

You’d learn how to build ease and enjoyment into your pet business, while earning the income and living the lifestyle you’ve been working toward.

You’d also learn how to create a balanced, holistic approach to your business. For most pet sitters, dog walkers, pet groomers and dog trainers, though, it’s extremely difficult to get advice from people in the pet business industry who have faced the challenges you’re facing now… and who have created the kind of success that you want for your own business.

But now, you can get lots of insights from people who know the “ins and outs” of starting and growing a pet business… and who want to help you find the freedom and income you deserve in your own venture.

Most Pet Business Experts Started Out Much Like You…

Most successful pet business owners once stood in the same place you stand now… working hard for not enough money, and wondering how others seemed to enjoy a relaxed, prosperous lifestyle without all of the headaches and frustrations.

Many of them learned the “hard way” – by making costly mistakes that delayed their success by years (and sometimes even longer). A lot of them built their businesses out of sheer perseverance, without the help of experienced and knowledgeable mentors.

But you don’t have to.

I know all too well how challenging it can be to build a profitable and enjoyable pet business. And I know that it can be even more challenging to actually enjoy life outside of your business. I spent the first few years working hard without the kind of income and relaxed lifestyle I really wanted from my pet business.

That’s how the idea for Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts, Volume One came to me. I thought about all of the struggles I had overcome, and I realized that countless other pet business owners – hard-working, talented people just like you – face the same challenges every single day.

So I reached out to more than 20 pet business and mind/body/spirit experts and asked to interview them about the most important topics for new and experienced pet business owners. In the interviews, they held nothing back – each interview uncovered insights that can help your business become more profitable, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Here’s Just a Few of the Expert Interviews Are Contained in This eBook…

  • Patti Moran, Pet Sitters International – “How to Create a Profitable and Empowered Pet Business”
  • Ian Dunbar, Veterinarian and Dog Behaviorist – “The Secret to Training and Motivating Dogs, Clients and Employees”
  • Arden More, Two-Legged Life – “Perfecting the Art of Work Reinvention”
  • Veronica Boutelle, Dog*Tec – “Simple Ways Pet Business Owners Can Save Time (Ahhh!) and Make More Money”
  • Paul Mann, Fetch! Pet Care – “Understand What You Need to Know if You Want to Create a Franchise”
  • Thom Somes, Pet Tech – “How to Recover from (and Move Beyond) Pet Business Burnout”
  • Alicia Dattner, Creativity and Life Coach – “Using Improv and Play to Lighten the (Bleep!) Up in Your Business and Your Life”
  • Trish King, Author and Dog Trainer – “How Pet Professionals Can Skillfully Handle Dogs (and the Dogs’ Human Parents)
  • And many more!


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Here’s Some Feedback I’ve Received About
Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts, Volume One:

"I ravenously began reading this book and tore through several chapters all at once! A must-read if you are thinking about getting into the pet business industry or are already immersed in the trenches of it. I could not get enough of “Prosperous Pet Business” and wanted to keep reading more!"
Heather Branch
Best Friends Forever Pet Services™, LLC

Business of the Year winner for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

“This book is highly recommended for those considering starting a pet business or those that have been in the business for awhile. Each interview that Kristin holds is packed with takeaways, several that are great reminders and refreshers but several that are new and insightful ways to enrich and strengthen a business. This is a wonderful reference that contains best practices from some of the best leaders in the industry.”
Linda Crist
Owner, Odds & Ends
Cartersville, Georgia

“I find the written word to be so powerful. Having something in written form enables me to make a concrete connection. To revisit the conference speakers’ words of wisdom, to read their thoughts over and over has helped me capture all their insight. Your conferences are brilliant and putting the content into the written word enhances its comprehension. This book rocks!”
Joan E. Caradonna
Fuzzy Friends Pet Care
Swampscott, Massachusetts

"Thank you Kristin for putting your pet conference recording into print! I found new and enlightening points in print that I had missed when listening to all the fabulous interviews originally. You have really covered  a great many topics with people who have been there and done that. I’ve never believed in reinventing the wheel. Your book will help me to be sure I follow some sound and savvy advice from the  experts!"
Teri Thomas
Angels in the Making
Grand Junction, Colorado

"When I first got and read the e-book Six-Figure Pet Sitting three years ago, I really didn’t have any idea if it would help me start a dog walking and pet sitting company, but the reviews looked good online. I then bought it, and it really helped. I started my business from absolutely nothing, just an idea and start up cash along with the Six-Figure Pet Sitting e-book. I haven’t looked back since reading it, and now I have absolutely nothing to do this week!
What I mean by that is - all my team members are covering pet visits this week for me. I’m not doing any of them.
This would make this year my first year being an actual six-figure dog walking and pet sitting company. A proven result 3 years after starting the business."
Kyle Morse
Simply Yours Concierge
Central New Jersey

"This book is practical, enriching and encouraging! So much of what I needed to read in order to move my business forward. I will refer to Kristin’s conversations in this book for years to come."
Tomika Bruen
Out For A Walk Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Los Angeles, California

“This is the book I wish I had access to in the beginning.  Highly recommended!! It’s not just a great reference for operating a successful pet business while avoiding all the pitfalls, but also an outstanding resource on living an all-around successful and blessed life while running any growing business. So many of us forget to take care of ourselves on this journey, and Kristin is an extremely talented motivator in this regard, bringing us back to what really matters. Remember why you founded your pet business to begin with? It’s SO easy to lose sight of that! The business information in here definitely packs a punch, and learning why you cannot serve others in your greatest capacity until you’ve journeyed down the often daunting path of caring for yourself first… now that’s priceless!! Thanks, Kristin!”
Sandra Ward
The Strut’N Mutt
Haverhill, Massachusetts

"This book was just what I needed!  Although I had tuned into the pet business conference, having the written word to read (and re-read in some instances), I was really able to learn the lesson.  It was an easy read and I found myself laughing at times, pondering ideas at others and getting emotionally connected.  Thanks for bringing the Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference to life with the written word!"
Eleanor McCoy
East Paws Pet Services
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“While reading Prosperous Pet Business I felt like I was attending a pet business conference in the comfort of my home.  I found the experts to be very interesting and their information very valuable.  If you own a pet business I highly recommend this book.”
Lorie Bryngelson
Peace of Mind Professional Pet Care
Nederland, Colorado

“Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts” is a MUST READ for ALL pet professionals. Kristin has interviewed over 20 experts in their own fields, encompassing the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of the human - as well as communication with and motivation of the canine. This book is a wonderful reference to their advice. I LOVE this holistic approach of dealing with all aspects of ourselves and our business.”
Robin Donahey
Paws 4 Pet Sitting
Davenport, Florida

“Kristin Morrison truly speaks from the heart with this amazing book.  Her lineup of interviews are top notch.  This book addresses the entire picture from dog training, finances, having fun, diet and health, social media, public relations and more.  If you have a pet business, this book will rock your world.”
June Collins
President Max-well’s Pet Services, LLC
Jupiter, Florida

“Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts: Volume One” is truly a wealth of information.  Kristin interviewed so many wonderful people. They provided so much useful advice for pet business owners.  The book really helped me look at my business with new eyes. After 9 years in business it is great to see new areas where I can improve that had not even occurred to me.  It has given me a new spark to better my pet business instead of just keeping the status quo.”
Nicole Halbur
TLC Pet Sitting, LLC
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

“This book, like everything else Kristin does, is an invaluable read. Kristin presents information in a way that keeps me enthralled throughout the entire process. I read her book Six-Figure Pet Sitting when I started my business, have attended classes, listen to podcasts, and watched the conference series she put together. Even though I did all of those things I still very much benefitted from this book. It presents the information in a new medium that really hammers home the thoughts and ideas that makes one successful. Don’t think twice- just read it. You won’t regret it.”
Melissa Hammond
Backyards to Barnyards Pet Sitting Services
Sterling, Connecticut

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