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30 Days To Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Launch, Attract Clients and Make a Profit

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Is the 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business eBook right for you?

YES! This eBook is for you if...

You want to start a pet business or You recently started and...

  • You love animals and are dissatisfied with your current job or career.
  • You’ve dreamed of owning your own business.
  • You find yourself pet sitting or dog walking for friends and wonder if you can turn that experience into a profitable venture.
  • You want a rewarding career that allows you both personal and financial freedom.
  • You want to start a pet sitting and dog walking business, but you don't know where to begin.

You’ve had your pet sitting and dog walking business for awhile and…

  • You want to make sure you do everything you can now to ensure long-term success.
  • You want to increase business quickly and you need inexpensive marketing tips to help you get the right clients.
  • You feel disorganized and frustrated… like you’re constantly putting out fires in your business.
  • You are struggling to achieve the profitability and ease you want for your pet sitting and dog walking business.

This is the ultimate pet business how-to guide that will take you from dream to successful reality in just 30 days…

Only $24.95!

"...Will this eBook be worth it?"

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What Does Your Dream Pet Business Look Like?

Whether owning and running a pet sitting and dog walking business is a lifelong dream, a new passion, or a business you’ve had for awhile that hasn’t created the kind of financial or personal freedom you’d like, you’re here now and you’re ready to make your business work for you! This book will give you everything you need to start and run your pet business in the best, most profitable way.

When you purchase the 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business eBook, you’ll receive:

  • Expert guidance to launch your new pet sitting and dog walking business—or propel your current business into a more enjoyable and more profitable future.
  • Tips on how to identify your ideal customers and start marketing directly to them to increase your business quickly.
  • Clarity on how to create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly action steps that move you towards your goals.
  • Proven strategies for hosting a successful launch event for your new business, your anniversary, or a new service you’re offering to earn the admiration and interest of your community.
  • And so much more!

Only $24.95!

See What a Difference 30 Days Can Make for Your New or Current Pet Business!

Here's Exactly what you'll discover:

As you start your journey in Week 1, you’ll…

  • Create your list of services and hone in on what you’ll offer to attract your ideal clients. (page 29)
  • Learn how to earn what you deserve and choose the right-fit pricing for your services and your community. (page 49)
  • Dream big and set actionable goals to make your business dreams a reality! (page 71)
  • And so much more!

Week 2 is all about getting organized! You’ll…

  • Create a roadmap for your business so you can follow a clear path to achieving your goals. (page 119)
  • Learn how to start your day with more energy and clarity and maximize your experience of joy and productivity in running your business. (page 135)
  • Master the art of the client interview to easily earn new business while making sure you get all the necessary information and paperwork needed. (page 143)
  • And so much more!

Then, dig into marketing essentials in Week 3! You’ll…

  • Learn exactly who your ideal clients are and how to attract them. (page 169)
  • Access easy-to-follow website and social media tips to maximize your visibility to pet owners in your community. (pages 185 & 201)
  • Have fun creating a powerful brand with a logo and tagline that is quintessentially YOU! (page 179)
  • And so much more!

In Week 4, it’s time to spread the word! You’ll…

  • Get expert tips on planning a smash-hit launch event that draws new business from your community. Even if you’ve been in business for years, you can do this, too! (page 285)
  • Use email to position yourself as an expert, bring in new business, and nurture existing relationships to keep the profits flowing. (page 261)
  • Learn how to easily and effortlessly get reviews through local partnerships, client referrals, Yelp, and Google Reviews so the world is singing your praises even while you’re asleep! (page 249)
  • And so much more!

Ready to Create Momentum In YOUR Pet Business?

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Only $24.95!

Purchase the eBook now and you’ll...

  • Receive this empowering and informative eBook within 30 seconds after ordering it
  • Have actionable steps right at your fingertips to launch and grow your pet sitting and dog walking business in only a month!
  • Be able to access this professional pet business guidebook from any computer or e-reader for a lifetime.
  • Get exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can join other readers and pet sitting and dog walking business owners like you in a supportive online community.

Only $24.95!

Get Your eBook and You'll Receive It Within 30 Seconds After You Order It!

When you purchase the 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business eBook you’ll receive approachable, easy-to-follow, expert guidance on how to:

  • Determine which services to include in your service offerings
  • Choose a name for your company and your brand
  • Navigate business taxes and licenses
  • Know when it’s the right time to leave your day job
  • Turn your dreams into actionable goals
  • Market your business to your ideal customers
  • Set up your pet business for long-term, effortless success
  • Take your pet business to the next level
  • And much more!

Only $24.95!


Running a business takes effort and determination, but you don’t need to do the work alone. This book will be your companion and guide along the way. By the time you make it to Day 30, you will have everything you need to start, run, and grow a successful pet sitting and dog walking business. This is the book I wish had been available when I was first starting out and when I experienced challenges along the way!


If you are ready to start and grow your own business in just 30 days, let’s begin!

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