How A Pet Business Owner Turned Her 80+ Hour Workweeks Into More Free Time and More Profit….

Meet The Prosperous Pet Business Founder Who Changed Her Life
By Changing The Way She Ran Her Pet Business

Although I might not know you yet, I'm willing to bet I know exactly how you feel right now.

Starting and growing a pet business can be flat-out exhausting.

You can pour all your blood, sweat, and tears into that business that was supposed to bring you such joy... but still have little to nothing to show for it.

Hi. My name is Kristin Morrison, pet business success coach and founder of Prosperous Pet I've been fortunate enough to build a multiple 6-figure pet business, but don't be fooled... It wasn't always this good (or easy).

When I started my pet business in 1995... I Was Working 12-14 Hours A Day, Often 7 Days A Week, And Somehow Not Making the Money I Knew I Deserved...

Like you, I started my pet business thinking how wonderful it would be to make my own schedule and get paid to spend my day walking dogs and cuddling sweet cats.

But just a few years in, I was really struggling to keep the business going and turn a profit.

I was completely exhausted from working harder and longer every single day and still not seeing results.

Maybe you can relate...

I started to wonder,"Is all it really worth it to own and run this pet business?"

I had to evaluate where my business was headed, so I ended up giving myself an ultimatum:

I gave myself exactly 365 days to fall in love with my pet business and my life again.

I was determined to find a way to build a wildly profitable, easy-to-run pet business – while also creating more freedom and having fun doing it.  When someone asked about what I liked to do outside of work, I wanted to actually have an answer. I wanted to create both a business and a life that were mutually fulfilling, fun, and free of constant work.

And if not... I decided I'd walk away from my business or sell it.

Here's what happened in 365 days...

I Turned My Paycheck-To-Paycheck Pet Business Into A (Well-Over!) Six-Figures Business I LOVED To Run.

You see, after much research and implementing out-of-the-box ideas for running my business, I finally found a way to transform my pet business. By changing the way I was running my business, I changed my whole life. Not only did I start earning more than I ever dreamed possible, I also had the time to truly enjoy life.

I was a person again…and not just a business owner. It was such sweet relief to have a life again.

As you know, being a business owner is about more than making a ton of money... It's about creating a business that gives the freedom to love life, experience fulfillment, and feel more joy.

With the business skills I learned and implemented over the course of that year, I transformed my struggling pet business with a handful of staff members into an ultra-profitable pet care company that gave me both time and money (best of both worlds).

Instead of working those 12-14 hour days like I used to... I worked only 2-3 days a week.

Not only that...

I finally had the extra income and the spare time to completely take off work for months at a time and travel for months at a time to exotic and exciting destinations like Bali and India – without having to work my pet business while on vacation.

If I Can Create A 6+ Figure Pet Business AND a 3-Day Work Week, So Can You!

In addition to running my own pet business, I’ve spent the last few years (since 2000!) coaching pet business owners to success… and writing books and creating programs to nurture profit and ease for pet business owners.  After 18 years of running my own thriving pet business, I decided to sell my business to give me more time to continue to teach others how they can experience the same joy, fulfillment, and success I was able to create in my pet business.

I created Prosperous Pet Business to teach pet business owners at all stages how to take control of their money, marketing, staff, systems, client relationships, and bottom line profits. You'll find everything you need to know to increase your revenue and your free time so you can launch and maintain a successful pet business that you actually love to run.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can launch a pet business or create more freedom and prosperity in your existing pet business, check out the website for custom-tailored pet business programs, webinars, and loads of information and advice that will help you run your business successfully.

If you like the idea of working with me directly to increase your profits with ease, grow your pet business, or even create an exit strategy to sell your pet business now or in a few years, you can contact me or click to learn more about my results-driven pet business coaching.

I’m looking forward to showing you how to fall in love with your pet business and create the life of freedom and prosperity you deserve.

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