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Episode #93: The Compulsion to Overwork

Many pet business owners are reevaluating their pet business as a result of going through the pandemic.

This coaching client, Susan H. that I’m working with on today’s podcast episode, is no exception. She reached out to me for a coaching session that she knew would be recorded for the podcast. She was very drawn to a certain experience that she read about in my book How to Recover from Pet Business Burnout.

The exercise is called Active Imagination and it was developed by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst who began using this way of working with his patients when nothing else seemed to work.

When I feel stuck in my own life, I have used Active Imagination. I often walk away from my Active Imagination exercises with profound results. It’s an opportunity to have a conversation with the soul of my business or some other area of my life that isn’t currently working.

For me - and for many of my coaching clients I’ve worked with, using Active Imagination to address challenging issues has been a game changer.

An important note before you start listening: if you’ve heard other coaching sessions on this podcast, this session is very different!

Though I’ve found Active Imagination to be very powerful long after the process is over, an Active Imagination session doesn’t always end with a nice little bow the way other logical and “left brain” coaching sessions do. And that’s okay! What you’ll hear in today’s session is brave pet sitter and dog walker Susan H. exploring her relationship to overworking and her inability to rest. Thanks, Susan, for sharing this session with pet business owners who needed this information too.

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