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Podcast #42: Finding Your Pet Business Sweet Spot

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Today’s coaching client: Michelle started her pet business in 2016 and didn’t expect it to become a full-time business but it grew organically and the business eventually grew organically to be a full time business. It felt right to only run her pet business and she just went for it! She loves her business but is finding it hard to focus on the tasks she especially loves to do to grow her business – especially the networking side of it.

Unlike many of the pet business owners that I’ve coached, because Michelle has connected with so many of the local pet business owners she does not suffer from the isolation that sometimes occurs for pet care providers.  And in fact, she wants to put more of her time and energy into networking but is finding it difficult since she’s working so much each day. She feels confused on where to begin to free up some of her time in order to give more energy to those tasks that are in her zone of genius or her “sweet spot”.

Here’s what Michelle wrote prior to the coaching session:

“Have been growing steadily but want to grow more. Feeling a little stuck in low gear. Feels like all the things I need to still do for networking, promoting and hiring is overwhelming. Would like to have time to spend on networking and promoting not doing the services. Have people who work for me.”

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