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Podcast #40: Hiring PTSD

New Jersey pet sitter and dog walker Liz has PTSD when it comes to hiring a manager. She had a really bad experience with her previous manager and, understandably, it has made her afraid to take a risk and hire another manager.

Liz is also is having a hard time finding and keeping pet sitters and dog walkers because, like most pet sitters, she’s got a highly-developed “caretaker” nature which is great for clients and pets but it’s impacting her ability to manage her staff.

Here’s what Liz wrote to Kristin before the coaching session:

“I am totally burned out. Please help, Kristin! ~ Liz"

Here’s what Kristin wrote to Liz after the session:

Hi Liz,

I enjoyed working with you today!

Here's a link to find out more about the office manager/office assistant application packet:

Take good care and remember to breathe into the peace when it's there in your business. You'll begin to create new neural pathways that will help you draw more peace to you in your business.


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