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Episode #139: Create Sustainable Success

This is Stephanie’s third and final coaching session in this episode series.

Her first coaching session is Episode 137 and her second session is Episode 138. If you haven’t already heard the prior sessions, it’s recommended you listen to those before listening to this one. (This episode builds upon the two prior episodes and will make a lot more sense if you’ve listened to those first.)

In this final session with Stephanie, we discuss workaholism and how to create pet business success with grace, ease and joy. How to drop the compulsive hustle and work grind in order to truly enjoy life while creating financial success. It IS possible to create a work life that gives you both a happy life and financial abundance! No need to choose one over the other.

As you listen to this coaching session, think about your own life and business and, like Stephanie, you may also gain insight and guidance on how to create a life you love to live as a pet business owner.

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How is Stephanie doing now? Here’s an update from Stephanie in her own words:

Podcast Coaching Client:
Hi Kristin,
The last session was a great ending to an extended conversation that ultimately has allowed me to take on less and be more honest about how much I can handle to have the QUALITY OF LIFE I want. 
I ask myself daily if the decision I’m making is honoring my body and soul. Sometimes it’s yes, sometimes it’s no, and other times I give my permission to just be imperfect as I navigate this pivotal moment of learning new ways to live my personal and business life. 
Thank you for helping me start my 2024 strong. I’m going to make a note to email you end of 2024 and share how this new way impacted my year. 
Ps. I’m still interested in online business and will keep that door open for when it makes most sense.

~ Stephanie

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