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Episode #135: Starting Another Business with Financial Concerns

Crystal is a pet sitter who wants to create another business that specializes in cat behavior and helping animal companions strengthen their bond to felines. She’s concerned about making the transition from one business to another as her goal is to let the pet sitting go and move into the new business. Crystal is also experiencing some financial concern, so she wants to know how to make that leap without creating more financial stress. Lately she’s been losing sleep about the state of her finances and other concerns and the worry has been weighing her down.

She has a lot of questions about how to make this transition, and as we move through this coaching session, you’ll discover along with my coaching client Crystal how to navigate through stress, worry and big change.

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How is Crystal doing now? Here’s an update from Crystal in her own words:

Podcast Coaching Client:

Hi Kristin,

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve been sleeping well since our recording session, with very little difficulty. In fact, my husband has sometimes had to move to our guest bedroom in the middle of the night because I can get kinda loud when I’m sleeping deeply – hahaha! I think I’ve just felt a greater calm after having our discussion, and a greater confidence that I don’t need to make huge changes too quickly. I can take a pace that makes more sense for me without imposing undue urgency and stress on myself.

You had recommended putting my phone away and using an external timer for 10 minutes following my regular morning spiritual practice and for 5 minutes before bedtime to do breathing exercises. I did get the timer per your recommendation, but I found that the one I bought was too loud and because I was worried about it waking my husband and granddaughter, I went back to using the timer on my phone…but I promise I haven’t been letting my phone distract me while I do my breathing exercises, as I’ve been putting it on “Do Not Disturb” while I breathe and meditate! I’ve been combining my breathing and spiritual practices – and have also added 15 minutes of “Stream of Consciousness” writing every morning. It’s going very well and I’m finding a good rhythm with the whole practice.

As per your suggestion, I am now the proud owner of both domain names: and I was unable to purchase, which really was not a great surprise to me, since there is a well-known (among cat people, at least!) television show called “Cats 101” and the domain is already associated with that. I’m not too concerned about that though. Since I was unable to title my first book “Cats 101” like I wanted to, I’m not sure how I would have used the domain anyway.

I do still talk to Kara the Cat occasionally when I notice myself trying to force what doesn’t respond well to being forced. I just invite her to join me in her own time and in her own way and we both relax, even if there have been no significant changes in my finances since our session. My manifestation focus for this current cycle is, “My life and my finances overflow with abundance.” I have gratitude for my blessings and I remain open to attract more!

Thank you so much for your practical and intuitive guidance, Kristin!


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