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Podcast #131: Part One: Detach from Worry and the Phone

Like SO many business owners, and even some people who don’t have a business, Amy is having a difficult time detaching from her phone.

She feels like her phone is always a part of her. She has no idea how to fully let it go, even for a bit each day, so that she can actually let go when she’s not working.

She feels like she’s living the life of that meme you may have seen out there – “Why did I quit my 9-5 job to work 24/7 in my business?”

We cover a lot of ground in this session, and it ended in a very different spot than we anticipated it.

At the end of the session, it became clear that there was more to explore in this session with Amy and so I set up another session – Part Two is Episode 132.

Thanks to amazing Amy for being so open, authentic and vulnerable in this session. We cover topics in this session that so many pet business owners grapple with and I feel like I feel so grateful that she was able to show up so courageously for this session in order to help those of you who struggle with similar issues.

It’s my hope that if you’re struggling with detaching from your phone and worry you’ll find relief.

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How is Amy doing now? Here’s an update from Amy in her own words:


Podcast Coaching Client:

Hi Kristin,

"Since my first session working with you, one of the biggest changes (and challenges) is spending less time on my phone, both personal and professional.

It's easy to go down the rabbit hole that is social media but after talking with you, I've made a conscious effort to not check in as often. My phone was a much-needed distraction while grieving for two dogs we lost so close together earlier this year. I gave myself some grace, but since bringing home a puppy a month ago, I've realized that I don't want to miss this cherished time with him.

There have also been some adjustments to my morning routine. In the past I'd always check my phone first thing in the morning, whether it was social media on my personal phone or checking for client and sitter messages on my work phone, you made me realize that it all can wait and nothing is that important first thing in the morning. It takes getting up a little earlier in the morning, but letting go has been worth it!



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