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Podcast #128: Make Time for Joy and Fun

In this episode, Kristin is interviewed by podcaster Marianne from Message in the Middle.

Marianne sits down with Kristin Morrison and asks Kristin questions about her journey of transitioning from being a high achiever, type-A business owner to finding balance and prioritizing non-work activities.

In this episode you’ll discover the importance of setting intentions, implementing consistent practices, and how to reach your goals while keeping fun at the forefront.

Join Marianne and Kristin as we delve into the importance of relaxation, setting intentions, and implementing consistent practices for a more joyful life.

What’s covered on this episode:

  • Setting Intentions for Joy and Fun
  • Importance of incorporating joy and fun into daily life
  • Identifying activities that light you up and bring joy
  • Prioritizing non-work-related interests and hobbies
  • Building Processes for Fun and Consistency
  • Strategies for implementing a consistent practice of relaxation
  • Creating systems and routines to support fun activities
  • Finding a balance between work and leisure
  • Tactical Tips for Goal Building and Implementation
  • The transformative power of prioritizing joy and fun

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Kristin Morrison started a pet sitting and dog walking business when she was 25 and grew it to be one of the largest of its kind in California. She hired over 250 people while running her pet care business and sold her business after nearly 2 decades. Kristin has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, New York Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS. 

Kristin is a holistic business + life coach, author, speaker and online educator and provides monthly webinars and workshops to business owners.

She is the founder of Six-Figure Pet Business Academy where she helps pet business owners in addition to hosting the podcast Prosperous Pet Business.

Kristin also provides business coaching for all types of business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives and is the host of the Business Pathfinder podcast where business owners can apply to be coached on the podcast. The Business Pathfinder podcast can be found on all the podcast apps and on her Kristin Morrison website.

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