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Podcast #121: Calm Your Mind, Change Your Business: Part Two

Lois started her dog walking and dog training business while still working her corporate job. She walked and trained dogs on her lunch break and before and after her corporate job!

After awhile, she realized that she was making more money walking dogs than working in her corporate job as an accountant!

So, she started her dog walking business and then after she started her business, she’s become a workaholic! It’s also been scary for her to let go of job security and to trust herself and her business.

In a very short time, she’s been able to create a very successful business with staff. She’s been trying to determine how much she wants to grow her business; how much is enough and how long she should continue running her business because she’s also thinking about retirement as some point as she just turned 60.

Often coaching sessions end up at a destination that surprises both me and the coaching client I’m working with, and this session is no exception! You may be surprised, like we were, about where this session ends up.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this session!

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How is Lois doing now? Here’s an update from Lois in her own words:

Lois Barta

Podcast Coaching Client:
Lois Barta

Wags2Whiskers Pet Services, LLC
Lake Zurich, Illinois

Hi Kristin,

“This has been the busiest week I have ever had! The extreme cold in my area, along with multiple changes and cancellations (now that I am not in the corp world I have forgotten the Friday before Christmas and the day after are semi holidays!!! And staff are taking time with their families. Oh, and a staff member just had a death in their family). The Universe gave me a nudge a few weeks ago and thankfully I blocked the entire weekend off so nothing new came in. 

Lots of things going on but in my “no stopping the Lois train”, things made me take a step back AGAIN and say enough. I have said NO multiple times. And was respected for it! 🙂

The last few days my mind has been calm. I did try and meditate but only made it a few days. I have found other ways of clearing. When I take a spin class I can drown the world out and just relax my mind.  Physical exercise does that for me. I have also been taking Yin yoga and that is the best. I have calmed things down and with that have a path set. I am putting things in motion to change to a S Corp in my state instead of an LLC in Delaware.  My business is getting too big to be a hobby I and can’t stay under the radar anymore. 

Lots of good stuff coming my way. I will book a coaching session with you soon now that I have made some major decisions."


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