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Podcast #117: Discover What’s Not Working When it Comes to Hiring Staff

Heidi is an experienced pet sitter and dog walker in Naples, Florida. Lately she has been feeling frustrated about hiring staff.

She’s been interviewing not-right people and also hiring flaky people who seem very interested in the beginning of the hiring process, but they back out before they are already hired or shortly after being hired.

There are effective methods to weed out the flakes and, in this episode, you’ll learn those methods.

In this session, you’ll also hear me share a step-by-step process to help her hire better people and the way we do that is to really break down her hiring process to determine exactly where the flaky ones are even considered in the first place – and how to avoid flaky people in the future.

She also has questions about what to pay her staff since the area her business is located is in an affluent area.

Heidi also needs to get reinspired in a big way when it comes to hiring! If, like Heidi, you are struggling with hiring in this challenging job market, you won’t want to miss this episode.

This episode will guide you step-by-step through an empowering hiring process: from creating a help wanted ad that works, to how and where to conduct the interview as well as a lot more details.

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How is Heidi doing now? Here’s an update from Heidi in her own words:

Heidi Lewis

Podcast Coaching Client:
Heidi Lewis

Heidi & Hope Pet Services
Naples, Florida

Since working with Kristin, I feel much more confident in my hiring process. I completed her action steps, starting with a price comparison of other pet sitters in the area. I have since raised my prices on some of my services, which has dramatically changed my income and what I can offer to pay my staff. I have also hired an additional staff member to my team! 

I was very detailed and honest in the hiring ad, including the expected pay and hours to start, which is something I was not doing enough before my session with Kristin. I was very lucky to find someone who is transitioning to a part-time position and understood the expectation of working with my team. 

I think what helped the most was eliminating some of the steps I had in my hiring process to make it simple for applicants to receive the application and bypass the phone interview portion. Asking detailed questions in person truly helped find the right person for the job. 

I am very grateful to have been able to work with Kristin, who has changed my hiring process for the better and will allow me to keep growing my team!" 

~ Heidi

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