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Podcast #116: Use Mindfulness to Recover from Burnout

In today’s episode I get more personal than I have in a long time on this podcast – you’ll hear me share what I’ve been experiencing lately and how it’s affected me, and also how it relates to today’s episode.

Mimi is a pet pro who is struggling with personal and professional burnout. She has a severe critical inner voice that tells her to do more, even when she’s exhausted. She needs to learn simple ways to quickly calm her nervous system so she can begin to work on the business challenges from a clear and more peaceful way.

If you are suffering from burnout, or if you want to learn tools to manage burnout in the future, this episode is for you.

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In the intro of this episode, I talk a bit about my friend Terra. Here’s a couple pictures of us:

Kristin and Terra in Bali 10 years ago

How is Mimi doing now? Here’s an update from Mimi in her own words:

Mimi Vitteta

Podcast Coaching Client:
Mimi Vitteta

Owner, In the Company of Pets
Richmond, California

"Hi Kristin,

I am still having some issues from burnout and overworking because I think it may take some time to relearn some habits. You helped me begin to unravel it.

I am working on focusing on breathing and listening to my body when I am tired. I am trying not to internalize my clients criticisms and to stay focused on the animals needs. I have also signed up for a non-violent communication group counseling class which I have done before and that’s helped. And I am making more of an effort to ride a horse which helps me with trauma issues and PTSD.

I think it won’t be fully resolved until I nail down an administrative system which I am also working on with both Easy Busy Pets and a web designer.

I still need to sign up for coaching with you which will help me stay focused, however I need a bit more time before that can happen too. There’s too much chaos right now and I have to wrangle it in some more.
I really appreciate you and will be in touch.

Big hug,


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