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Episode #115: Hiring Staff in Your Pet Business

In the last podcast episode, I worked with a coaching client on hiring and we’ll dive a bit more in depth on that topic today with a different coaching client.

My coaching client today is Shannon, a pet sitter and dog walker from Pennsylvania. Her business has grown so quickly that she’s had to scramble to hire keep up with the large number of clients coming her way.

She’s trying to figure out whether employees or independent contractors are best for her business. In this session you’ll also hear how to find a low-cost employment attorney to get labor law questions answered in the least expensive way possible.

There are pros and cons when it comes to hiring employees vs. independent contractor and you’ll hear some of those in this coaching session.

Shannon has a lot of other questions that we cover in this episode including:

Does she need to eliminate overnights if she has independent contractors? And if so, are there any possible workarounds to keep providing that overnight service for her clients using independent contractors? What’s the best way to pay staff? Plus, how to hire in a way that will draw the best and most responsible and available staff members.

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How is Shannon doing now? Here’s an update from Shannon in her own words:

Shannon Ozzimo

Podcast Coaching Client:
Shannon Ozzimo
The Collar Club By Shannon
Hatfield, Pennsylvania

"Having a podcast session with Kristin was such an amazing experience! She is so kind and understanding when coaching and gave me important action steps to complete to help make the changes in my business that I know I have been needing to make.

Since our coaching call, I  have contacted SCORE and talked to helpful lady named Nina who I am setting up a further hour long conversation with. She advised me to contact a local attorney to learn the specific labor laws in my state as well.

Having this podcast with Kristin was an amazing learning experience for me and I look forward to setting up more calls with her!"


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