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Episode #114: How to Hire and Expand Your Pet Business

Mallorie is a pet sitter and dog walker in Dallas, Texas. Her business has grown quickly, and she’d like to expand even more without compromising the quality of care she’s committed to providing her clients.

She asks me the chicken-or-the-egg question that so many pet business owners ask me: “Should I hire first or advertise to get more clients first?”

You’ll hear my answer in this episode as well as information about how to expand in a way that doesn’t comprise quality, how to hire even if you don’t have any clients for new hires right away, how to grow the business and still make sure clients and staff feel your personal care, how to delegate tasks in a way that will help rather than hurt your business, and we also discuss a bit about the ins and outs of hiring a manager or office admin – plus a lot more.

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How is Mallorie doing now? Here’s an update from Mallorie in her own words:

Mallorie Hall

Podcast Coaching Client:
Mallorie Hall
City Sniffers
Dallas, Texas

Hi Kristin,

Thank you for your help and guidance. I really appreciate you! 

Since our meeting I have hired 3 part time walkers that are all starting training next week. I have planned out weekly phone call check-ins with our new teammates as well as monthly meetings for our existing staff members. 

I have been documenting everything that I do daily so I can continue to create a manual for the office admin position as well as eventually full-time management positions. 

I have researched pay rates for those positions for my area and I was excited to learn that I can afford to pay a good median rate for them. 

Again, I truly enjoyed getting to meet you and I can't express enough what a breath of fresh air it was to talk with someone who knows the ins and outs. 

Take care, 


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