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Episode #111: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety as a Pet Business Owner

In today’s coaching session, I’m working with Cora, a pet business owner who sometimes struggles with occasional bouts of depression and anxiety. When it hits her, it causes her to suffer - and her business to suffer.

When she’s not experiencing depression and anxiety her energy level is high, her response time to clients is quick, and she’s able to bill clients in a prompt manner as well as other necessary business tasks.

When she’s going through a challenging time, things look very different: it can take her a week or two to return client calls, it can be like slogging through quicksand to bill her clients in a timely manner and she has very little energy to run her business.

She feels physically and mentally stopped.

Now, you know this (but I have to say this to protect myself and to protect you listeners): I’m not a therapist nor a medical doctor. I’m a business and life coach.

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, please see a medical professional.

In today’s coaching session I’m not trying to diagnose Cora, nor cure her anxiety or depression. I can’t do that nor would attempt to do that.

I am simply having a conversation with Cora about depression and anxiety and how it impacts her business and her life. I’m not trying to fix Cora’s depression or anxiety but rather to help her navigate her business during this time.

Again, if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, please get help from a medical professional.

I want to say a huge thank you to Cora for having the courage to come on this podcast and be a voice for those of you who suffer from depression and anxiety and are also trying to run your business, raise your kids, and/or navigate your personal and work life.

Even if you don’t experience depression and anxiety, you may know someone who does, and this episode may help you feel more empathy and compassion for this often silent illness that can be crippling in ways that cannot be seen.

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How is Cora doing now? Here’s an update from Cora in her own words:

Donna M

Podcast Coaching Client:
Canines, Cats Critters LLC
Westchester County, NY

"Hi Kristin,

I can't think you enough for our time together. I gained so much valuable information and even just knowing that I have a path forward makes the current challenges easier to overcome.

I've made several changes on the administrative side of things. Right away I explored and signed up with a software that helps to streamline my billing process saving me many hours a week.

I am also currently searching for the right candidate to become a full or part time team member in an exclusively administrative role.

Additionally, not long after we spoke, I experienced several personal emergencies back-to-back (all resolved now). To preserve my mental health in its already fragile state I had to step away from the business for about a week. My junior staffers stepped in to help with the administration (my heroes!), but what I found so truly valuable from the experience was this newfound ability (or necessity) to just let go.

I knew that if I didn't take the time to take care of me it would have spelled worse things down the road, and guess what? Nothing awful happened!! I can take a break and the barn will still be standing. 😉

Our conversation empowered me to recognize when I need rest and to continue working towards building myself an in-company support system."

Thank you again,


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