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Episode #108: Get Over Your Fear of Hiring Staff

Do you have a fear of your employees taking your clients? Do you struggling to keep employees for as long as possible, but they often leave within a few weeks or months?

The dog walker and pet sitter I coach on this episode was struggling with those questions and other challenges, most of which involve changing her mindset. In this episode you’ll learn how to begin to let go of your fear of hiring as well as a fear of those you hire taking the clients you’ve worked so hard to keep. Through listening to this coaching session with Krista, you’ll learn how you can work with your mindset including how to begin to take the focus off scarcity and put your focus where it belongs, on creating your thriving pet business!

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How is Krista doing now? Here’s an update from Krista in her own words:

Katie Remis

Podcast Coaching Client:
Krista Boisvert
The Daily Dog, LLC
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"Hi Kristin,

Thank you so much again for the coaching session - it was truly transformative!

Since our session, I have officially offered a job to my first employee and she accepted. I've also started to truly implement more boundaries with my clients and have plans to roll out new policies that will help to hold those boundaries strong and keep the business (AND myself) going strong.

Before our session, I would have been excited for a moment about these exciting new changes, but that excitement would have instantly turned into over thinking, over planning, worrying, etc. Now, I am JUST excited. It sounds silly, but I seriously do tell myself to "just stop" when I start going into a spiral of "but what if this" "but what if that" "I should really plan for this". It's time for me to trust in my years of experience and take a lesson from the dogs and start living in the moment & you truly helped me realize that.

It's funny how I went into this coaching session hoping for an "answer" to my specific business question, but left with an answer to a much more broad "issue" that I (and I think many business owners) struggle with. Of course, we didn't get to where we are from "just letting things happen" and not planning or worrying at least a little bit - but when you step back and start looking at things in a more positive manner - your "what if's" start turning into "but what if this IS an absolute smashing success" vs the old thought of "what if this is a horrendous failure".

Now, instead of having the scarcity mindset, I've started shifting my thoughts to think more along the lines of everything being a learning experience, and whether it is negative or positive, it will make me a better business owner for years to come.

So, thank you again, The Daily Dog is already benefiting greatly from your guidance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


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