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Episode #106: Shoestring Budget Marketing for Pet Business Owners

Stephanie is a new dog trainer who needs help getting clients quickly in her dog training business. Like many pet professionals who are on a shoestring budget, she’s unsure what marketing makes the most sense to invest in right now, given the many advertising options available.

As a new business owner, Stephanie is also feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks she feels like she should be doing but doesn’t know where would be best to put her limited attention, time and energy.  And finally, she’d like to specialize in “bully breeds” but isn’t sure if narrowing her niche would be a good route to take as a new business owner.

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How is Stephanie doing now, a couple of months after her session? Here's an update from Stephanie, in her own words:

Katie Remis

Podcast Coaching Client:
Stephanie Morrow

Clever Canines Dog Training
Crownsville, Maryland

“Hi Kristin,

I have started to focus on building up my email list. I realized that there was a missed opportunity in the farmers markets because I didn't provide the opportunity to sign up for my email list. My last week there I got 7 sign ups! I set up a Mailchimp account and started sending out emails more often. I'm seeing about 70% viewership!

I sent out requests for testimonials and one of my reactivity students agreed to do so as well as provide a picture of her dog calmly laying on the floor next to house visitors, whereas he was terrified in the past.

I have also started leaning into my relationships, including with my vet, local pet professionals, and leaders in the affluent community that I want to break into. So far I have received a request from one resident and I'm hoping to get more requests.

It was wonderful talking to you and working with you. You confirmed some of the things that I was doing, which was reassuring, as well as providing me with some insight and advice I never would have considered. I'm both excited and nervous to hear the podcast episode! Thanks again!"

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