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Episode #105: CPR For Your Personal Life

Does your personal life go to the very bottom of your business to do list – or not get any attention from you at all? Today’s coaching client is Karissa and nearly every day she experiences a lack of attention on her personal life. In the midst of her busy “one-stop shop” pet care business, dog trainer and pet sitter Karissa is so busy caring for other people’s pets that she’s struggling to find quality time for herself and her own dogs.

It’s time for Karissa to receive some “personal life triage”.  Some of the suggested ways she can begin to revive her personal life surprised her and they may surprise you too!

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How is Karissa doing now, a couple months after her session? Here’s an update from Karissa, in her own words:

Katie Remis

Podcast Coaching Client:
Karissa Parran

Cozy Care Pets
Livonia, Michigan

“Hi Kristin,

Here’s a little update from me:

I’m being more conscientious about scheduling out the self-care further to revolve the business schedule around self-care rather than my self-care revolving around my business. I’m also reserving those power hours to focus whenever possible. Now I just need to get the staff to cover them more fully. 🙂

I have made hiring a priority, so that I can use my power hours for admin work. Also, I have started to focus on tasks at hand more so, rather than getting distracted by other incoming items. This helps me to be more efficient.

I tend to feel guilty taking time for myself (workaholic here!), so our coaching session helped validate that self care is essential. I was glad for that!


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