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Episode #103: Phone Detox

Last episode was Katie and today we have another Katie! Today’s coaching client is Katie, a pet sitter and dog walker in Denver, Colorado. One of the magical things about coaching sessions is that I never quite know where they will end up even if I think I do from the beginning of the session. I think Katie and I both thought this coaching session would be going in a different direction than it ended up going in but this was the direction it wanted and needed to go in and so we went with it. I think you’ll see why as you listen.

Like a lot of pet business owners, Katie is on her phone a lot! There are ways to manage the complicated relationship of being a business owner and having a life and gaining control of phone use is one of the most powerful ways! I recommend you put your phone away for at least a few minutes after listening.

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How is Katie doing now? Here’s an update from Katie in her own words:

Katie Remis

Podcast Coaching Client:
Katie Remis

Pet Sitter & Dog Walker
Denver, Colorado

Hello Kristin,

The coaching session was very helpful! I already have been trying to find other things that bring me joy other than being on my phone.

The night of our session, I plugged my phone into the charger, took off my smart watch, and put do not disturb on. I journaled for the first time in months and just tried to let myself write whatever came up. I then got ready for bed and didn’t check my phone at all until about a half hour after I woke up.

Each time I have picked up my phone I have thought about our session and how much control I let it have. I hope to have even more success over the next few weeks of really just focusing on myself, my husband, and my four pups when I’m home or not working.


Here’s a picture of Kristin’s old-fashioned timer that she often uses to meditate so she doesn’t pick up her phone before she meditates in the morning:

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