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Episode #81: How to Resolve Conflict with Pet Biz Clients, Staff, Family and Friends

No matter who you are or how long you’ve been in business, if you own a pet business you are bound to experience conflict with your clients or staff members at some point. Oy! And let’s face it, if you are dealing with people (and especially the public), it’s not a question of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” that conflict will arise. So sit down, relax and dive into this segment so you’ll be better prepared when your inevitable communication conflicts arise. There are sure-fire ways to more easily deal with conflict. Master communication coach and mediator John Kinyon shares solid tips to do just that in today’s podcast episode.

I love how John Kinyon starts off this segment by sharing a vulnerable experience from his own personal life in order to clearly demonstrate the exact method of how to become a better communicator, especially when it’s challenging to communicate. Often resolving conflict with family and close friends can be even more daunting than with clients and staff members.

There were so many times that I wanted to take notes during this interview but I refrained so I could be fully present with him. However, I did go back and listen to the interview so I could take notes and create my own personal “cheat sheet” for when I need to have my next difficult conversation. Since I’m a human being and have other humans around me on a daily basis, I’m sure it will happen sooner than I think!

You’ll also find a “cheat sheet” that John created for you below.

Please note: John's interview was recorded using high-quality recording devices but, in spite of this, you might notice some small audio or video glitches in this recording. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In This Podcast Segment You Will Learn:

  • Tangible ways pet business owners can resolve conflicts with clients and staff members
  • How to apply this method to real-world situations that pet business owners often face
  • Important points to remember when it comes to having a difficult conversation
  • How to deescalate the feeling of being “triggered” so you can effectively work toward resolution
  • And more!
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