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Podcast #48: Free Marketing that Works for Pet Business Owners

Today’s coaching session: Katie lives in Colorado and has had her dog hiking and dog boarding business for nearly 2 years. She’s feeling a bit discouraged because she’s tried lots of different ways to marketing but not much is working. Katie’s only getting one new client every month or two and she needs help coming up with other marketing strategies that are low-cost or free since she’s tried some marketing streams that have been expensive and haven’t worked at all.

Katie writes:

“Hi Kristin, I have a fun and unique business model (hiking with dogs in small packs), a smaller than average town...a population of about 165K people which include a lot of college age kids since we have a university and veterinary school here.

I need help growing my pet business! I have tried so many things from setting up booths, sponsoring local events, co-hosting events in local restaurants, ads of all kinds, flyers at dog parks, working and networking with local dog trainers and I am only maybe adding a new client every 6 weeks. Please help!”


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