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Audiobook: 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business


Do you want to start a pet sitting or dog walking business - or have you owned your pet business for years and it’s not as profitable or successful as you’d like it to be? This audiobook is the key! Whether you want to launch your new pet sitting and dog walking business or propel your current business into a more enjoyable and more profitable future, 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business will support you every step of the way.

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“Kristin has written a user-friendly, comprehensive guide book for pet sitters and dog walkers. This book is a must for anyone starting or running a pet sitting or dog walking business. Bravo, Kristin!”
-Yvette Gonzales

Past President, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)

Audiobook: The Hiring Handbook for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers


Want access to proven, step-by-step guidance for hiring, managing, and keeping the best staff in your pet business?

Hiring high-quality staff members is one of the most essential steps to creating more money, time, and freedom in your pet business. If you find this process daunting or even downright frustrating, you’re not alone!

Kristin Morrison wrote this book to make the hiring process easier and more accessible than ever.

This audiobook was created with pet sitters and dog walkers in mind, but many dog trainers, pet groomers, and dog daycare owners have found a lot of valuable hiring information in this audiobook too!

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Audiobook: Six-Figure Pet Sitting


Have you had your pet care business for awhile (or even many years) yet still struggle to achieve your business and income goals? This audiobook is the step-by-step guide that will help make your business goals a reality!

If you frequently find yourself overwhelmed with the many aspects of running a pet sitting and dog walking business, you’re not alone.

Marketing. Scheduling. Invoicing. Business operations. Bill paying. Client satisfaction. Hiring and retaining staff. The list of daily and weekly tasks can go on and on!

Want quick access to a better business future - and to learn how to create six (or even seven!) figures?

The Six-Figure Pet Sitting audiobook will help you to tap into a simpler, easier, and more lucrative way of running your pet sitting or dog walking business.

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“Run-don't walk-to order this book!”
Debra Farrington, Book Reviewer for National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)

Audiobook: How To Recover From Pet Business Burnout


Reclaim Your Personal Life, Combat Compassion Fatigue, and Create Work/Life Balance

You’ve put hard work, time, and energy into building your pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, or pet grooming business. If keeping up with everything has you feeling stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed, this audiobook is for you!

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Audiobook: Six-Figure Pet Business:
Unleash the Potential In Your Dog Training, Pet Grooming, and Doggy Day Care Business


Ready to catapult your dog training, pet grooming, or doggy daycare to unbelievable success? Kristin’s E-book will show you how! Click for more information on the Six-Figure Pet Business E-Book.

“Six-Figure Pet Business gives the pet care service professional all the steps they need to grow their pet business. Kristin has once again shown herself to be a terrific business coach!”
-International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA)

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  • “I just purchased the pet sitting employee handbook and I am so happy with it. This would have cost me a fortune to detail all of this with my expensive employment lawyer. This is at least half the price of what working with my employment lawyer would cost! If you have employees, you need to have an employee handbook. Insurance companies will be asking for your employee handbook too. Please consider whether you can or can’t afford to get this, I don’t think it is something you can afford to go without if you have employees.”

    — Heather Branch
    Best Friends Forever Pet Services, LLC
    2014 NAPPS Pet Sitter Of The Year
    Encino, California

  • “Buying Kristin’s pet sitting employee handbook was a great business decision. It saved me a ton of time and I am confident that my policies are in line with what I need to make my pet sitting business successful. I am happy to have a solid foundation of proven policies in place while I take the next step in my business and hire employees.”

    — Kyle H.
    Happy Paws Cats and Dogs, LLC
    Fort Collins, CO

  • “I purchased the employee handbook and was very pleased with it. Kristin stated it was thorough but I found myself saying many times, “Boy, I never thought about that!”  If you don’t have an employee handbook, I recommend you purchase this one – why try to write one from scratch?”

    — Eleanor McCoy
    East Paws Pet Services
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • “We recently purchased some of Kristin’s business products for pet sitters and dog walkers… We purchased her client questionnaire and the contracts for pet sitting and dog walking clients package. My partner and I are just starting out with our pet sitting business and we have found Kristin’s Business Products for Pet Sitters to be very useful. Thank you!”

    — Leah Cronce & Melanie Boggi
    Paw Tenders
    Waterford, New Jersey

  • “After the supportive, honest and professional coaching from Kristin and due to my desire to actually manage my business instead of “doing” the business, I decided to purchase the Application Packet and the Welcome Packet for the New Staff Member. What at first seemed overwhelming in terms of screening and hiring complete strangers for my business became a fun, enjoyable, and completely stream-lined event once I had the Application Packet for Staff Members to use and follow as my guide.
    The best thing about the Application Packet for Staff Members is that you get a completely clear picture of interested applications before you even meet with the applicants! The review of the Application Packets has now become one of the activities I look forward to most as a business owner.
    Do yourself a favor and jump in and UP to a bigger and better business by utilizing Kristin’s business coaching services as well as the Business Products and Tools for Pet Sitters that Kristin provides. In just one year my business has doubled by simply putting Kristin’s coaching and business materials to work for me!

    —Brandon Burton
    Big Sky Dogs
    Pasadena, California

  • “I frequently have had customers tell me how impressed with my paperwork and how professional I am. I definitely owe this to Kristin’s Business Start-up Kit for Pet Sitters (which I purchased from her website). I would strongly recommend her Business Start-up Kit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers™ to anyone thinking about starting a pet sitting business.”

    — Patty Toney, Owner
    Clarksville, Tennessee

  • “I’ve used Kristin and her business coaching for pet sitters and I’ve purchased her Six-Figure Pet Business eBook as well as had her do private SEO consulting for my website. All have been excellent and have seriously helped me.”

    — Kyle Morse
    Simply Yours Concierge
    South Brunswick, New Jersey

  • “I purchased a variety of different pet sitting forms, contracts, etc from Kristin and have also taken part in several of her teleclasses for pet sitters. Through her business coaching and the purchasing of her business products for pet sitters she has helped me a great deal with improving my pet sitting business! Kristin, I think it’s great that you are able to help so many pet sitters out there.”

    — Karilon Kilpatrick
    Loving Hands Pet Sitting
    Keystone Heights, Florida

  • “The Hiring Teleclass and Kristin’s unique approach to hiring has given me the complete confidence and clarity I needed to accomplish the goal of hiring the extra help I have so desperately needed!”

    — Jackie See
    Moms4Paws Pet Sitting Service
    High Point, North Carolina

  • “We are going through another growth phase in our business and the information provided in Kristin’s Pet Sitting Business Teleclasses was the perfect motivator we needed to help us move past our fears. Thanks Kristin!”

    — Suzanne Loosbrock and Judy Bryant
    Toni Sits Pets, Ltd.
    Columbus, Ohio

  • “Kristin, I have just devoured your start up kit for pet sitters and I must tell you it is worth more than you charge!! I find so few things I order online to have true value. It would take a person a BUNCH of time to put that all together (I know because I have done it a few times) and it is so well done. I will probably be ordering your hiring kit soon.”

    — Melodee Lucido
    Jump Fur Joy! Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
    Bullhead City, Arizona

  • “I had been a solo pet sitter for 11 years because I could not bring myself to trust someone else with my hard earned reputation. I was quickly approaching burn out and in desperation decided to try Kristin’s Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Hiring Kit. She said, “You will get the best of the best working with you if you follow my system.” Sounds like an “as seen on TV” pitch, right?!
    Thank God it wasn’t. Honestly I would have never hired the girl that matched up to the set of guidelines that Kristin gives you in the hiring kit. The woman I ended up hiring was reserved, had piercings and some small tattoos and dressed strange.
    Not exactly what I had in mind. I held my breath and we signed on the dotted line and I was thinking surely Kristin wouldn’t sell us this hiring kit if she were not sure it works.
    My strange girl with piercings, tattoos and strange clothes has run my entire operation while I went to Europe for 3 weeks and did an excellent job. So if you’re on the fence about purchasing the Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Hiring Kit, don’t hesitate. It’s a small price to pay for getting hiring right the first time.”

    — Gina Triay
    Tall Tails Pet Sitting, LLC
    Slidell, Louisiana

  • “Hi Kristin, I just wanted to let you know that I took your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) webinar for pet business owners awhile back and made some of the suggested changes to my website, especially my key words for all the pages. I just did a Google search for dog walking and pet sitting in Maple Valley, Washington, and I AM IN THE NUMBER 5 position on Google. My website didn’t even show up before, only my Facebook page at number 20.
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and helping us pet sitters still down in the trenches. I’ve learned so much from you.”

    — Sandra Lassman
    S–R Pet Care
    Maple Valley, Washington

  • “I just wanted to say that I recently purchased and watched the Facebook Marketing for Pet Business Owners webinar recording and it was BY FAR the most informative, smart webinar I’ve ever seen. I HIGHLY recommend it!”

    — Melinda Robbins
    Desert Dogs Pet Services, LLC
    Surprise, Arizona

  • “I purchased your online product Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Staff™ and have been very pleased with the content.”

    — Emi Matsumoto
    Sniff and Go Dog Walking Services
    San Francisco, California

  • “I owe so much to you, Kristin.  I appreciate all of your help; you have been priceless to my business success!!”

    — Kelly Reeves
    Paw Love Dog Servcies, LLC
    Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • “I enjoyed the “How to Create a 3-Day Pet Sitting Workweek”. It contained great info to help me work smarter.”

    — Christina Walker
    Top Dog Pet Sitter
    Villa Rica, GA

  • “Hi Kristin, your book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” has freed me from so much frustration. I have been struggling to figure out the ins & outs of the pet sitting world, and your book guides me step-by-stop without all of the confusing terminology, vague descriptions, and questionable business practices. I am so thankful that you chose to share your experience, as I know many others are as well.”

    — Madison Brown
    Love Pet Sitting
    College Station, Texas

  • “I purchased your application packs and love it.  Thanks for a very good product.”

    — Joni Grant
    You Go Pet Sitting
    Springfield, IL

  • “Hi! Just want to say THANK YOU! Your Pet Sitting Hiring Kit is awesome and I put the AM/PM Pet Visitor ad that was enclosed on Craigslist last night and already have several great candidates. I can’t wait to interview!”

    — Nicole Ryan
    Pineapple Pets Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
    Melbourne, Florida

  • “I’ve spent the past week listening to the Facebook Marketing for Pet Business Owners webinar recording and it was extremely informative. I kept starting and stopping the webinar so I could go through each of the steps on my own page. I’ve used Facebook Ads in the past but I learned so much more about how to use this power tool. Thank you for sharing your expertise!”

    — Antigone Killingstad
    TAILored Pet Services
    Everett, Washington

  • “The Pet Sitting Employee Handbook is very comprehensive! It was worth the price not have to come up with all of that information myself. The handbook is over 50 pages!”

    — Stephanie Sorensen
    Zen Dog, LLC
    Norcross, Georgia

  • “Thank you for all you do. Your advice and forms have been instrumental in me getting to the point where I can hire and expand. Thank you!!”

    — Bonnie MacLaren
    Follow Your Nose Pet Services LLC
    Denver, Colorado

  • “Just want to say thanks and let you know how helpful the Hiring Packet for Hiring Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers has been. It really weeds out the bad apples so I spend a lot less time now. Once someone replies to my ad, I email them the application packet. It’s awesome and funny how really only a small percentage actually mail it back. LOL! — Definitely worth the investment!”

    — Melissa Possenride
    Spot-ified Pet Sitting
    Middletown, Delaware

  • “I am very pleased with my purchase. The Employee Handbook and Pet Sitters Welcome Package are great products. They have saved me so much time and headaches. Thanks Kristin for creating and sharing these products. I would highly recommend pet sitting companies to purchase them!”

    — Nyla Guzzo
    Founder & CEO, Broward Pet Sitting
    Southwest Ranches, Florida

  • “Kristin, thank you for doing this webinar. I have taken your seminars and purchased your products. Everything you do exceeds my expectations!”

    — Pat Wrisley
    Muttley Crew Pet Sitters
    Austin, Texas

  • “I love your webinars and products. You’re awesome! I rely on your webinars and products to help me run my business and balance my life!”

    — Melissa Marte
    Who’s Your Doggie, LLC
    Milford, Connecticut

  • “When I first got and read the e-book Six-Figure Pet Sitting three years ago, I really didn’t have any idea if it would help me start a dog walking and pet sitting company, but the reviews looked good online. I then bought it, and it really helped. I started my business from absolutely nothing, just an idea and start up cash along with the Six-Figure Pet Sitting e-book. I haven’t looked back since reading it, and now I have absolutely nothing to do this week!
    What I mean by that is – all my team members are covering pet visits this week for me. I’m not doing any of them.
    This would make this year my first year being an actual six-figure dog walking and pet sitting company. A proven result 3 years after starting the business.”

    — Kyle Morse
    Simply Yours Concierge
    Central New Jersey

  • “I watched your webinar on ‘How to Prepare your Pet Business for Sale’ last night and found the information you gave to be very informative and easy to follow.
    I started my pet sitting business 3 years ago and have no intention of selling in the near future but have always wondered about the process of selling and how to prepare for this.
    I would just like to thank you for giving me a clear understanding of what this involves and how to start preparing for this now.”

    — Sue Miller
    Home and Happy Pet Services
    Townsville, Australia

  • “I purchased the Hiring Kit for Hiring Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers and found it to be very helpful. Kristin has a few formats in the package and I found it so very easy to amend for my business. You may not use everything that is contained in it and you may add some things pertinent to your business. It is a great base and WELL worth what I saw as a small investment. It is like having another set of eyes to make sure you don’t miss anything. In my case, it allowed me to get a jumpstart and get it done quickly. Thanks for helping me make it happen, Kristin!”

    — Joan Caradonna
    Fuzzy Friends Pet Care
    Swampscott, Massachusetts

  • “My pet sitting business guru is Kristin Morrison. I HIGHLY recommend all of her books and pet business products. Following her guidance changed my business and my life. Her book, “Six Figure Pet Sitting” has been my bible and has a whole chapter on how to hire staff. I’ve followed all her instructions and have had exponential success with hiring reliable, smart, attentive, and amazing staff members, several of whom have stayed working for my CPC for almost two and a half years and counting. I also recommend her “Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Staff”. The price is well worth the guidance. If anything, just start off by buying her “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” book. It’s a pet sitting business owner’s GOLD.”

    — Corey Barnes
    Colorado Pet Companion
    Louisville, Colorado

  • “Your book ‘Six-Figure Pet Sitting’ was the first book that inspired me to focus on growing our pet sitting business and hire our first employee 3 years ago this month. We now have 10 employees. Thank you!”

    — Cassi Jo Perez
    Midtown Mutts
    Sacramento, California

  • “I started a dog walking and pet sitting business in 2019. During that time I was doing a lot of reading and learning about the pet industry. In my research, I learned about Kristin Morrison through her Prosperous Pet Business Podcast. I immediately connected with what Kristin had to say in her podcast episodes. I then looked up her website and learned about the 30-Day Pet Business Challenge. I signed up right away and was excited to start the challenge.
    I recently completed the challenge and I have learned SO MUCH! Kristin is a wealth of information in creating a successful, thriving pet business. Every single day of the 30-day challenge I learned something new… something more to add to my tool belt of knowledge for running a pet business.
    Kristin also created a Facebook group for all the people doing the challenge and she did periodic live Facebook talks with us! I have met so many people and gained a great deal of knowledge from the Facebook group and felt like I really got to know Kristin through her responses and Facebook live sessions.
    I greatly recommend the 30-Day Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Challenge for anyone interested, starting,  or already in the pet service industry! Thank you, Kristin!”

    — Toby Lewis
    Tale of Tails Pet Services
    Keller, Texas