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Podcast #47: Making Big Pet Business (and Life) Changes

Lisa is thinking about going to grad school but her pet business has consumed her life and she knows before she can even consider going back to school, she needs to run her business in a new way so that she can create some mental and physical space in order to even make her decision. She doesn’t want to let her business go nor does she want to sell it but she does want to have more time and energy to pursue her other loves in life as well as gain clarity on her next right step.

Here’s what Lisa wrote on her coaching application:

“For the past few years, my business has just been sustaining me - but I want it to do more than that, I want it to thrive.  I also recently moved into a more expensive home, and went back to college, both bringing a steep increase in my expenses.  Originally I thought I might change careers or go to vet school after I graduate next year, but I realized I want to increase my income enough that I can keep my business as my long-term career.

Now that I know my business is going to be a more permanent fixture instead of just something I do until I finish college, I need to rebuild it so I can earn a comfortable living, and also be able to have a life.  I've been putting myself on the backburner for 7 years thinking it was just a temporary phase, and now I'm ready to make big changes.”

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