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Episode 29: Time Management

In today’s segment I share about some in-person bookstore talks/book signings that I’ll soon be doing for the release of my new pet business book that comes out this month. The scheduled book events so far are in the Bay Area, California and in Hawaii - and there will be more book store events announced soon. You’ll also find out about the exciting “anytime access” pet business course that is available for all service-based pet business owners!

Then we’ll dive into time management. Time management is a skill that many pet business owners grapple with on a regular basis. I know because when I posed the question to my Facebook group, ‘What are you struggling with in your pet business right now?’, a lot of pet business owners wrote that they were challenged by time management issues.

Also, I'll be sharing some time management tips that I have successfully used in my own business and my life. There’s so much to cover on the topic of time management that I could spend hours talking about this subject, but this episode will at least get you off to a good running start when it comes to wrangling your schedule and gaining some control over your time.

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