Pet Sitting Office Assistant / Office Manager Manual™


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Okay, so perhaps you are having your staff do a lot (or all) of the pet sitting and dog walking jobs but are you are still finding yourself tied to the phone and your business 24/7? This office manager manual will help you train your manager in how to best run your pet sitting and dog walking business. This manual is also a potent reference tool for your managers in order to keep your business humming like a well-oiled machine (and so you don’t have to be called by them every 10 minutes while they are managing!)

This is the manual that enabled Kristin’s managers to manage her business while she traveled for many months at a time the last few years.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t want to travel you may simply want to take an evening or a weekend day off from your business every now and then. This manual will help you do that.

This manual contains all the big and little details needed to go over with your manager before you give them the reins. It also contains some system ideas for ease in running your business (that’s one of the reasons that it’s a power tool).

You can easily customize this manual to suit your business needs and add to it down the road as you and your business grow and change.

This manager manual contains everything you need to train your manager.

This Pet Sitting Office Assistant / Office Manager Manual™ includes:

  • Manager Manual –Level One Managing Manual
  • Manager Manual –Level Two Managing Manual
  • System ideas to help you run your business more powerfully and efficiently
  • Tips and tools letter from Kristin explaining how to best utilize the manager manual in order to get optimum results

Order the Pet Sitting Office Assistant / Office Manager Manual™ today and begin training your manager today so you can take time off from managing!

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