Pet Business Office Manager Hiring and Training Kit™

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Want a week off? How about a couple of months off? How do you get a break in order to step away from your business for chunks at a time to travel, spend time with your family or just relax at home? There is a way to enjoy your personal life without being on the work phone or computer all the time. This Office Manager Hiring and Training Kit is the power tool to create your new life!

With the support and help of the Pet Sitting Office Manager Hiring Kit you will hire and train the perfect person to run your pet sitting and dog walking business in your absence while you vacation in the Bahamas or simply enjoy a matinee or lunch with friends on a Thursday.

If you are drooling at the thought of having a vacation for the first time in a year or two (or three or four) this Pet Sitting Office Manager Hiring Kit is for you.  Hiring an office manger or office assistant is serious business…it’s not to be taken lightly.  Kristin used this kit in her own successful pet sitting company to hire and train her wonderful managers so she could travel for months on end (while her business ran under the care of her managers).

This Pet Sitting Office Manager Hiring Kit will help you find and hire the right person to run your business so you can have a life again.

Purchasing this Pet Sitting Office Manager Hiring Kit saves you $55 and includes:

  • Help Wanted Ad to find the right office manager
  • Application Packet for the office manager
  • Tips and Tools Letter from Kristin on how best to find your manager
  • Manager Manual – Level One Managing Manual
  • Manager Manual – Level Two Managing Manual
  • System Ideas to help you and your manager run your business more powerfully and efficiently
  • Tips and tools letter from Kristin explaining how to best utilize the manager manual in order to get optimum results

Order the Pet Sitting Office Manager Hiring and Training Kit™ so you can take some much-needed time off.


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