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The Prosperous Pet Business podcast has thousands of loyal and eager-to-learn pet business listeners and new listeners finding the show every day.

Prosperous Pet Business is in the Top 1.5% of podcasts (there are currently 3+ million podcasts).

Listeners love the podcast: over 135+ five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts!

In addition to being the host of Prosperous Pet Business, Kristin Morrison is a well-respected pet business coach, author, speaker who has been part of the pet business industry since 2000 (coaching pet business owners) and since 1995 (running her own pet business).

Episodes are typically released 2-4x a month. If your company has a need for a big ad push in a certain month we can generally accommodate that by releasing more episodes that month. Just let us know!

Limited-Time Sponsorship Special for Podcast Sponsors

Includes option to pick your ad position: beginning, middle or end of podcast.



for 3 podcast episodes
($500 per ad)



for 5 podcast episodes
($450 per ad)



for 7 podcast episodes
($400 per ad)

Three ad spots to chose from (pick one of 3)

Beginning of podcast, after Pet Sitters Associates sponsorship ad


Midway through podcast 


End of podcast (after Kristin’s verbal outro and before Prosperous music and outro).

Ad can be up to 45 seconds. Please contact for pricing for more than a 45 second ad. (We recommend no longer than 60 seconds to hold listener attention.)

Voiceover Option:

You provide the ad mp3 with voiceover ad or you can hire Kristin to record your ad in her voice.

Kristin Morrison will record your ad in her voice for up to 45 seconds (you provide script): $995


*Ad Voiceover with Kristin’s voice may only be used on the Prosperous Pet Business podcast. Ads over 45 seconds please inquire about voiceover rate for extra time.


Email admin@ProsperousPetBusiness.com to book your spots.


Reserve your sponsorship spot by sending your Paypal payment to: bizproducts@SFPBacademy.com.



Listeners trust Kristin Morrison’s referrals and it’s crucial that sponsors are high-quality referrals (the only referrals she will endorse).


Therefore, in order to be a sponsor on the podcast, Kristin will need to try your product or service first before agreeing to have you as a sponsor, or she’ll need to have an in-depth conversation with the person in charge of marketing for your company in order to determine right fit for the podcast listeners.

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“It’s been a wildly successful year after working with Kristin Morrison! I hired Kristin from the Six-Figure Pet Business Academy to consult me on expanding my business, Rufus and Delilah Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, after 5 years of being a one-woman show. Within 3 weeks of working with Kristin I brought on 3 walkers/sitters. In the first year after working with Kristin I tripled my total gross billing! I currently have 12 sitters/walkers and I am ready to bring on more. Kristin got me over my fear of expanding in no time and I couldn’t have it done it in such a successful manner without her.”
Jennifer Shafton
Rufus and Delilah Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Sherman Oaks, California

“Kristin coached me in my pet sitting business this last year. She asked me how much I wanted to make and I told her $50,000 for this year. She told me to aim higher and so I said, “$60,000″. She said that was a good number to start with. I am happy to say that the year isn’t even over and I’m now at over $65,000! I will shoot for $100,000 as my income goal for this coming year. Why not? Kristin gave me the advice and support I needed to take the plunge and hire pet sitters for my business. Best of all I work a lot less than I did the year before! I only care for 3 clients myself now because I have 16 pet sitters on staff and an assistant to help me manage my business! I did it all thanks to Kristin’s coaching! Thank you for the help you gave me, Kristin. You are good at what you do!”
Miriam C Lindley / President
Wags and Wiggles
South Tampa, Florida

“Kristin, coaching with you was a great experience. You are SOOOOO good at what you do. This is definitely your calling.”
Grace Lovig
State of Grace Pies
Kamuela, Hawaii

“Being coached by Kristin has been the best decision I’ve made in business and in my life! I learned more about successful pet sitting than I ever could have imagined and have gained a lot of confidence and professionalism through the coaching sessions with her. Every successful business needs a mentor and I have found the best. I suggest you give her a try. She’s the best coach and you’ll get the very best results in your business.”
Chris Barlow
Aussie Pet Sitter
South Tampa, Florida

“If it wasn’t for Kristin’s guidance as my business coach last year my business would not be where it is today! Thanks to Kristin’s coaching, I exceeded the financial goal that I set last year (which I thought was really pushing it and impossible!) I am now ready to take the next step in my business by hiring pet sitters and dog walkers. I also purchased the Application Packet and Welcome Packet for the New Staff Member to help me through this process. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Kristin!”
Barbie Klapp, MBA, Owner
2 Paws Up, Inc.
Snellville, Georgia

"I owe so much to you, Kristin. I appreciate all of your help; you have been priceless to my business success!!"
Kelly Reeves
Paw Love Dog Services, LLC
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Kristin has been a great mentor to me in expanding my pet sitting business! Thanks to her coaching, I’m now doing so well with everything in my business. I will be calling Kristin for business coaching when I come up against challenges in my business or have more questions and when I need her to help keep me on track. Thank you for all of your help, Kristin.”
Colin Horton
The Animal Nanny
Grand Junction, Colorado

“Kristin, thank you so much for the coaching session. It was an honor and pleasure to talk to you. I really appreciate your positive feedback about my website and everything- it means SO much coming from you. I feel empowered! You are so knowledgeable and I'm excited to put your wisdom and brilliant ideas in practice! I will defiantly set up a another session to touch base because with starting the new venture, things will come up. It's a wonderful thing what you're doing for pet business owners.”
Jen Del
Pet Care Forever Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
Aurora, Colorado

“Kristin has provided more concrete, step-by-step help than anyone else I’ve spoken with since I started pet sitting.”
Melissa Freer
Mel's Pet Pals
St. Paul, Minnesota

“I can’t explain how invaluable Kristin’s knowledge has been to my new business. She has a very level head about where your priorities need to be to make your business successful and your life easier. I related to her because it is clear that she is an animal lover, but also a successful business woman. She explained specific step by step actions I should take that I never knew existed. I can’t wait to see how her tips help me promote and grow my new business. I’d take advice from her any day of the week. I don’t think I could be in better hands.”
Cindra Smith
Point West Pet Sitting, LLC
Little Rock, Arkansas

“Kristin, I just wanted to share a wonderful update with you…Our sales from January through May have increased 53% since the previous year. Better then that, our business net profit has increased by 86%! AND even better then that!…we have the most wonderful clients and the best sitters that we have EVER had.
Many things and hard work have come together over the past year and I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge, as you were a huge ingredient in turning my “successful” business into a viable and PROFITABLE one. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Finker-Roller
Prestige Pet Sitting Service
Christiansburg, Virginia

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