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Episode #92: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Pet Business

During a challenging time, especially one that goes on for quite a while like you may have experienced during this pandemic (or perhaps are still experiencing), your mindset can begin to go in a downward spiral. When that happens it can be tough to pull yourself back out of that negative spin. The trick is to catch your thoughts before they go downward to a point of no return.

Today’s podcast episode will help you gain awareness so you can be in charge of your mind, rather than it being in charge of you. Listen in on this conversation I had with sales success coach and author Charlene DeCesare and you will learn empowering tips and tools to jumpstart your mindset and work with your beliefs.

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • How to break through mental beliefs that may be holding you back from enjoying your business and earning more
  • Discover key factors to help you shift your mindset in order to better run your service-based pet business
  • Learn tangible steps that you can begin right now to change your disempowering thoughts and beliefs to ones that carry you through the challenging times.
  • Simple and effective tips to get your confidence back when in a business slump so you can move powerfully forward
  • And much more!

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