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Episode #80: The Unexpected Power of Using Snail Mail to Gain New Pet Biz Clients

Think snail mail is dead? So do your competitors!

However, savvy business owners out there realize it’s still very much a vital part of a strong marketing campaign.

Because few (if any) of your competitors are using snail mail marketing, you’ll be sure to stand out even more.

I encourage you to open your mind to what some consider an old fashioned way of marketing.

After listening to this episode with mail marketing ninja Trish Witkowski you’ll realize that snail mail is actually one of the most progressive ways these days to grow your business!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why marketing via snail mail is incredibly powerful for business
  • How your pet business can stand out in the mail without spending a lot of money
  • The most important elements to include when you are mail marketing
  • How to best combine mail and email marketing campaigns for optimum success
  • How often you should do a snail mail marketing campaign
  • And much more!

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