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Episode #79: The Pet Business Coach’s #1 Hack for Productivity and Procrastination-Busting

During the Spring of 2020, like most of us, I was rattling around in my home, sheltering in place while being stunned on a daily basis by what was happening in the world as a result of the pandemic.

For awhile I needed to just rest in order to process what was happening but after awhile, I wanted to get back to being my productive self and start checking things off my to do list again.

However, I had a hard time generating motivation (which is not at all like me). Thankfully, I found an app that shifted everything and has been a powerful game changer in both my personal and professional life. I’m so excited to share this “hack” with you today – and bonus: what I’m sharing about in this episode will enable you to connect with pet business owners from all over the world, in addition to supporting you to take care of business in an easy and relaxed way

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