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Episode #77: Crossing the Bridge with Hedy Schleifer: Using Compassionate Communication with Clients, Staff and Family Members

When tension is present and one person is upset, our natural reaction is often to meet that person where they are (in an angry place).

Hedy’s life work is all about disarming that natural inclination and bringing the conversation back to connection which Hedy calls a “habit of the heart”.

When you can master this way of dealing with challenging communication, you can have a meaningful connection with even the most shut down, angry client, family member or stranger.

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • What “crossing the bridge” is and why it’s so powerful
  • How this bridge process can help you, especially if you are struggling to communicate effectively with your clients and staff
  • How the bridge can (and should) be different when it comes to communicating with friends vs. clients
  • Why this process is likely to disarm the tension that can arise when conflict is present
  • Real-life stories to clearly demonstrate how and why this works
  • And much more!

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