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Episode #73: A Candid Conversation about Racism with Pet Professionals

Dear Podcast Listeners,

Here’s the truth: it felt very vulnerable for all of us on today’s episode to have this conversation about this difficult topic.

You’ll hear from each of the guests about what caused them to feel vulnerable about coming on the podcast and talking about this subject.

My vulnerability came from being afraid I’d mistakenly ask my guests an inappropriate question or perhaps even offend one of them with something I’d ask or say, because I may not know the “right” thing to ask or say when it comes to race.

But, in spite of my discomfort, I decided to host this episode and I invited these courageous guests to come on the podcast -and they said yes. I’m grateful to each one of them for agreeing to join me for this conversation and for what they shared in this episode.

I decided to have this conversation with these brave ladies because I wanted to learn more about racism and, if possible, to help you listeners learn more about racism too. I wanted to learn how racism affects pet professionals. I wanted to learn more about white privilege and what that means to black people. I wanted to give black pet professionals space to let their voice be heard. I wanted to learn about the subtle -and not so subtle- ways racism affects those who are impacted by it.

I want to be supportive of you pet business owners who need support during this challenging time as well as pull back the curtain on racism in the pet business industry.

Besides me, there are four speakers on today’s episode. Three are pet sitters and dog walkers and one person, Zuri Walker, is not a pet business owner. Even though Zuri is not a pet business owner, I felt that having her on today’s episode could be helpful.

Zuri is my friend and she’s a transformational life coach. I met her years ago when I was living in Bali and she was living there too. I invited her to be on this episode because a few years ago I inadvertently said something racist to her which hurt her and it impacted our friendship in a negative way. I didn’t mean for the comment I made to be racist but it was and I can see that now. I learned a lot from that painful experience and from Zuri sharing so openly and honestly (both then and in this episode) about how what I said in that moment impacted her.

I hope when you hear what happened between me and Zuri that it may help those of you who perhaps are speaking or acting in ways that aren’t appropriate but you don’t yet realize it. I’m hopeful that this open and honest conversation between the five of us can create more awareness for you listeners in terms of what you say and do.

The three pet professionals, and Zuri, are all bright lights and I think you’ll recognize that spark in each one of them as you hear what they have to share today. I’m grateful they said yes to having this conversation with me about this difficult subject.

I want to thank each one of these business owners who courageously and generously shared from their heart on today’s episode:

Kylie Holliman-Rivera, owner of Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC

Carmel Mims from Pet Porter Pals

Zuri Walker, transformational life coach at

Thanks to the four of you for being on today’s episode.

~Kristin Morrison

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  • Ginny Rossin

    June 20, 2020

    Thank you for your courage to share. You are lovely women who I would love to know, be friends with, work with and to be my customer, and I learned a lot. I want to be able to do the right thing when it comes understanding and responding to the issues you face. It just breaks my heart and makes me so angry that white people can be so cruel and ignorant to someone else based on the color of their skin. I am so grateful to you for helping me. Probably due to my white priviledge I think I am doing things the right way but because I’ve had different experiences, and I work to, I am probably making mistakes I am unaware of. I have posted that my company is in support of Black Lives Matter on each page on my website. I hope that is a good thing. I welcome all comments and further guidance. Wishing you much love.

  • Kristin Morrison

    June 20, 2020


    I love what you have to say and I’m glad this episode touched you so deeply.

    I hosted this episode because I too want to “do the right thing”. It’s difficult to have conversations like this but I believe they help create much-needed learning.

    I think it’s great that you took action today by posting “Black Lives Matter” on your website.

    I’ll alert the speakers to your comment here and see if they have any additional insight they want to share about what more you can do.

    Sending you a big hug during this challenging time, Ginny!
    ~Kristin Morrison