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Episode #66: Jeanette Schneider Interviews Kristin Morrison For On Gold Podcast

I was recently interviewed by podcast host Jeanette Schneider for her On Gold podcast. Jeannette generously gave me permission to share this episode that originally aired on her podcast. This is a very unusual podcast episode for me to share with you because, though it is about my business journey, the interview also focuses on my personal life including what needed to shift internally for me to find and marry my husband and what happened before I found my dream home that my husband and I recently bought.

Here’s what Jeanette wrote about this segment for her On Gold podcast listeners: “Kristin Morrison went from writing “I wish I could get paid to walk a dog” in her journal, to launching her own million-dollar pet business — recently featured in MarketWatch, New York Post and a TV interview with Yahoo Finance.

A master manifestor, Kristin not only manifested her business, she also manifested her husband and her home. She is proof that intention, self awareness, and a little bit of Universal magic, pay off in big, beautiful ways.

She now shares her business insight with thousands of clients through her books, online courses, and podcast, “Prosperous Pet Business."

Kristin is the Founder of Six-Figure Pet Business Academy, a program she started in 2010 for service-based pet business owners including pet sitters, dog walkers, dog trainers, pet groomers, and dog daycare owners. In 2012, Kristin became a certified “Best Year Yet” coach, and created Best Year Coaching, a company that helps individuals from all walks of life and professions, plan and achieve their dream life list, from their personal goals to their business goals.

Today Kristin and I dig into the value of patience, the grind of entrepreneurship, and how in the world she manifested the man of her dreams and her new home. Let's dig in.”

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