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Episode #64: Interview with George Kao – How to Master Time Management in Your Pet Business and Your Life

Do you feel like you are always racing against the clock to care for your clients, your family and yourself? If so, you are not alone. So many pet business owners struggle with time management. In this segment, we’ll help you master your time so that you can have more ease and (yes!) feel more empowered in your pet business and your life. Get out your notebook and paper because, I promise, you’ll want to take notes during this segment.

In this segment you will learn about the concept of Time Placeholders and how they can be the key to spending your time wisely, how to stop feeling overwhelmed and actually get the important things done, how to prevent scattered notes and wasted time, how Time Logging can sharpen your awareness of your most important resource, explore how to create wiser rhythms of renewal in your life so that running your business becomes more joyful and sustainable for you, and much more!

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