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Episode # 63: Interview with Victoria Stilwell: How to Work with Pets and Their People

There is a common thread that occurs for most dog trainers, dog walkers and pet sitters and that is having to deal with the varied pet challenges that arise in a given day. It is rarely about just walking, sitting or training a dog. Inevitably there are some tricky situations that arise during the course of a pet professional’s day. In this segment, Victoria addresses some of the common situations that may arise so you can hit the ground running after watching this segment (and perhaps you can even turn your clients on to some new ways of dealing with their existing pet problems too).

In this segment you will learn tips to help your clients determine what dog breed would be a good fit, how pet professionals can most effectively work with shy dogs, how to introduce a cat into a dog and human household, the best equipment and tools to use for strong dogs who pull on a leash, whether it’s really possible for an old dog to learn new tricks, plus a lot more!

Please note: This interview with Victoria was recorded using the highest quality recording software available. In spite of that, you may notice some small audio glitches. The information she shares will be worth these glitches. Thank you for your understanding!

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