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Episode #5: Kristin Interviews Victoria Stilwell: How to Speak Dog

Wonder why your dog does what he does? Do you sometimes experience aggressive dogs when you are out walking your dog or your clients’ dogs? Victoria Stilwell is here to explain dog behavior and how to communicate more effectively with your canine friends. If you are a pet business owner, learning to speak ‘dog’ can make your whole job go much more smoothly…and make your time with the dogs in your life much more enjoyable.

Victoria Stilwell will help you bridge the communication barrier between humans and dogs.

Please note: Victoria was in the UK and Kristin was in the US during the interview and because of this it caused the sound to be a bit jumbled occasionally. We think you'll love what Victoria has to say though so please hang in there. Oh, and this segment is best viewed with a dog on your lap or beside you!

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • The best way to communicate with the dogs in your life
  • What breed is considered the “Einstein” of dogs and why
  • Why it’s useless to punish aggressive behavior in dogs (and the best way to deal with aggression)
  • What a dog’s thought process looks like and how you can communicate more effectively with your canine friends
  • And much more!

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  • Kristin Morrison

    March 1, 2016

    Hi! You can also post down here. Come on down! I’d love to hear your comments and topic suggestions. And if you want to be coached by me in an upcoming podcast episode, feel free to write the challenge you are experiencing in your pet business and I’ll consider you for a live, upcoming podcast episode.