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Podcast #49: Setting Up the Pet Business for Extended Time Off

Today’s coaching session: Nikki and her wife Stef own a dog running / dog walking business in Canada. They’ve had their pet business for 3 years and have 15 people working for them – and they need to hire a lot more given the demand for the service they are providing!

They love running their business and they want to travel and have booked a 4.5 week trip to Australia in November. Nikki wants help figuring out how to go about getting the staff they need so they can step away from their pet business for an extended period of time.

Nikki writes:

Hi Kristin! We still work in our pet business A LOT and we do love it, but listening to your podcasts made us realize even more so that we want to do exactly what you did- travel, make lots of money and still have our business operate. When we tell other people this they think we're crazy and we know we're not…

We aren't fearful of trying things out in our business, we sometimes just don't know how to go about achieving what we want (time, even more money and trips). We actually really love a challenge and working hard to reach it, we may both be workaholics, changes are good that we are but we want to be holidayaholics who work when we want instead!

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