Prosperous Pet Business Podcast

Episode #17: Q and A with the Pet Business Coach

Got challenges you are struggling with in your pet sitting or dog walking or dog training business?

In this dynamic and interactive open forum you will hear dog trainers, pet sitters and dog walkers from around the world getting coached by pet business coach Kristin Morrison.

If you are a pet business owner you will find this Q & A coaching session compelling, supportive, and ultra-informative. This was an hour-long live coaching session and this segment is half of that session. Keep a look out for part 2 of Ask the Pet Business Coach next week!

At the end of this Q and A session you will be armed with a wealth of information to take back to your own pet business. You’ll have a great time listening to pet business from across the world share about the challenges that pet sitting business owners face each and every day and the solutions that Kristin gives to help solve them.

Apply what you're learning on the podcast with online courses that help you start and grow your pet business.

Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • How to curb your clients who text you all the time
  • Discover how to get into hard to reach affluent neighborhoods
  • Marketing tips for pet business owners who aren't getting success using their current methods
  • How one person pet sitters can take vacation time
  • And much more!

Items Featured On The Podcast:

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