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Episode #13: Interview With Sheira Kahn: What Having a Baby at Age 50 Can Teach Pet Business Owners About Going After Dreams

Two years ago I posted a message on Facebook about my friend Sheira Kahn who gave birth for the first time at age 50. That post got so many comments from pet business owners who compared Sheira’s challenging journey to how they might be able to persevere and go after their own business and personal dreams.

Sheira’s journey to realizing her dream wasn’t an easy one and yet she kept putting one foot in front of the other in order to make her most cherished dream a reality.

This episode is for those of you who are struggling with being stuck or stopped in going after your business or personal dreams because what you are wanting seems impossible.

Apply what you're learning on the podcast with online courses that help you start and grow your pet business.

Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • Why surrender and letting go has a bad rap and how it can be helpful when it comes to going after business and personal dreams
  • How to go after your dreams in spite of what seems like insurmountable odds
  • Why paying attention to the signs around you can help guide you on your dream journey
  • How to move forward even if you have a lack of support around you
  • Discover that sweet spot of moving forward and letting go to help you move forward manifest your dreams

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