How to Use Pinterest in Your Pet Business to Attract Clients, Increase Brand Awareness, and Boost SEO

Do you want to organically attract clients to your pet business? Are you tired of spending money on ads for a short-term payoff?

When used correctly, Pinterest can bring clients to you for years to come! And you don’t have to spend money on ads every week to make it happen.

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With millions of pet owners already on Pinterest, your ideal audience is built-in and waiting to find you. In this webinar, you will learn key Pinterest strategies you can apply today to attract pet owners to your dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, pet grooming and dog daycare business.

If you’ve tried using Pinterest for your pet business in the past, but it didn’t give you the results you wanted, or you’ve felt overwhelmed with the thought of learning another social media platform, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Kelly Helmick

Kelly Helmick
Pinterest Manager at Dog Star Creative Co.

Kelly Helmick, Pinterest Manager at Dog Star Creative Co., will teach you how to easily use Pinterest to reach your business goals. You’ll learn exactly how to create a Pinterest business account that’s built for your success. You will discover how to effectively pin your content to stop the scroll and have Pinterest users looking to you for solutions to their pet’s needs!

By applying the strategies in this webinar, you’ll be able to immediately start boosting your SEO both on (and off!) Pinterest. Your Pinterest profile, pins, and descriptions will head straight to Google, giving you a powerful boost in search results and may result in landing you more clients.

If you want to gain new clients, grow your brand awareness, and boost your SEO, this is the webinar for you.

With your ideal clients built-in, Pinterest can drive traffic to your business for longer than any advertising out there! Why? The “shelf-life” of your Pinterest pins is months, not days like on most social media sites. You’ll learn the right strategies to make pins that last, which may result in easily and effortlessly bringing pet owners to your pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet grooming, or doggy daycare services.

After this webinar, you will be able to confidently create and manage your pet business Pinterest account. You will be a master of keywords and know exactly what type of content your Pinterest audience needs to book your services.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Exactly how to set up a Pinterest business account and the benefits of having one.
  • Why you need keywords and how to use them effectively to maximize your reach.
  • The types of content you’ll need to attract clients on Pinterest.
  • Best practices for creating pins to boost your SEO, create brand awareness, and attract clients.
  • Where to find your Pinterest analytics and what they mean.

You Will Walk Away With:

  • Step-by-step instructions to create a powerful Pinterest business account.
  • How to find keywords plus where and how to use them to reach your ideal clients.
  • How to use your content to attract attention from pet owners on Pinterest.
  • Tips and tools for creating pins that stop the scroll and drive your ideal clients to your website.
  • How to read your Pinterest analytics to make an effective strategy for long-term organic growth for your pet business.

Details and FAQ about the Webinar:


Time: 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

How long is this webinar? 75-90 minutes

How much: $30

How does class take place? Via Zoom webinar. You’ll experience an interactive PowerPoint visual presentation and live video of Kelly via your computer. You’ll learn a lot and have a great time with pet business owners from all over the world who will be attending the webinar. (There will be attendees from Canada, United States, Australia, UK, and many other parts of the world.) You will love it!

Can you send me the recording if I can’t attend the live webinar? Absolutely! All attendees will receive a recording of the webinar the day after the webinar date. You’ll have 90 days to watch, listen and learn from the webinar recording.

Will there be space on this webinar if I wait to sign up a few days before the webinar date? Perhaps not! There are only a certain number of spots for this special webinar (we are using Zoom for this webinar and are anticipating a large number of attendees) so this webinar is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are ready to achieve your pet business marketing goals and get a lot of clients, we recommend you commit to your business now and sign up today to reserve your spot.

I can’t make it on the particular day that it is currently scheduled. Will you be offering this class on another night? At this time, we aren’t currently offering this webinar again for at least the next 12 months. We’ll send an announcement of new classes via our e-newsletter or you can check back on the website to see new classes that are posted monthly.

What if I won’t be home the day the class is happening? No problem! You can watch and listen from wherever you may be. All you need is a smart phone. You don’t even have to be in a quiet location because you will be muted during the webinar. Also, everyone who signs up will also receive the recording the day after the live webinar so you’ll be able to watch, listen and learn as many times as you like in the next 90 days.

I’m tired of being on the computer. Why should I do this webinar? I hear you. Many of our webinar attendees learn best from the comfort of their bed with their laptop or with their feet up while relaxing in a comfy chair. You’re welcome to do that too! And again, if you and your brain are really fried the day of the live webinar, no worries because you will have access to the recording for 90 days, so you can watch at a time where you feel receptive and ready to take in this valuable information.

Is this class for all types of pet business owners? Yes. This webinar is for ALL pet business owners (pet sitters, dog walkers, dog trainers, dog day care owners, dog groomers, etc.) who want gain clients easily and effortlessly from Pinterest in order to rapidly grow their pet business. We often have many webinar attendees on this webinar who don’t have pet businesses. It's for any kind of business owner, though the focus will be on pet business.

Okay, this sounds great! How do I sign up? It’s easy! Just click the registration button below to sign up.