Pet Visit/Overnight Reservation Tool

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Ready to get optimum clarity when you schedule your staff members? One of the most common challenges for pet sitters with staff is that it’s hard to remember — or determine — which staff member is not available for personal reasons or which overnight sitter is already booked with a sit and therefore not available for another one at that particular time period.

Even if you are using pet sitting software, you may still be feeling that you are driving blind and don’t have a clear view of who is booked when and who is not available. (And that can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming.) This tool will change all of that though!

This product contains two Excel documents that you can customize with your own staff members: one for pet visitors and one for overnights.

It’s easy to use the Overnight Pet Sitting reservation tool: Block off the staff members who are not available for personal reasons in red so that you don’t waste your time or theirs contacting them when they are not available. Block off staff members already scheduled with sits in green so you know they are booked with sits through your company. Use yellow when they are scheduled for a meet and greet and it’s not yet a confirmed reservation.

Since your pet visitors can take multiple sits, you only need block a sitter off in red if they are not available.

This tool gives you a crystal clear picture of who is booked and when and will save you a lot of time in not calling sitters who are not available. Enjoy all that extra time!

Order the Pet Visit/Overnight Reservation Tool and get optimum clarity to save you time and energy.

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