Pet Business Interactive Workshop:
How to Create and Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals in 2024

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 4:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Eastern

This is an interactive Zoom workshop unlike any Kristin Morrison has ever offered! 

All pet sitters, dog walkers, pet groomers, dog trainers and dog daycare owners are welcome to attend and participate in this interactive workshop.

Many pet business owners have an idea of what they want to create in 2024 but few know how to turn those ideas into reality.

This workshop will help you do that!

In this interactive workshop, pet business coach and author Kristin Morrison will share her empowering method for step-by-step goal setting and achieving that has helped many pet business owners achieve their personal and business goals.

You will learn how to discover and clarify exactly what you want to create personally and professionally in 2024.

If you need motivation and insightful instruction to help you step powerfully forward into this brand new year, you won’t want to miss this interactive and empowering workshop!

If you’re feeling personally or professionally stuck, confused, or overwhelmed by the thought of setting and achieving personal and business goals, you’re not alone! This workshop can help you.

After this comprehensive workshop, you will have a clear sense of what needs to change in your business and personal life in order to move powerfully forward toward your goals – and how to best avoid burnout as you tackle your goals. You’ll also gain support from Kristin and fellow pet business owners to take what you learn in this workshop so that you can apply it in your business and your personal life in the new year.

You deserve to have an empowering, profitable and enjoyable 2024! This workshop will help you with that and so much more.

What you can expect from this workshop: During the first portion of the workshop, pet business coach and author Kristin Morrison will share her experience of turning dreams into reality using powerful goal-setting methods. You’ll also get a goal setting workbook that will give you clarity to re-evaluate 2023 and chart a new and improved course for 2024.

After that, you’ll break into small groups with like-minded pet business owners and you’ll discover how to rethink how you’re taking actions in order to set up the new year for success. At the end of the workshop, you’ll come back to the large group and, if you like, share what you learned with the group.

In This Interactive Workshop You Will Learn:

  • The #1 tip for goal-setting to powerfully achieve your goals
  • A proven method for combating procrastination so you’ll stay on track
  • How to uncover the blocks that can prevent you from attaining your goals
  • Why setting personal goals can increase your business success
  • Out-of-the-box ideas that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Where and how to find a pet business accountability buddy to keep you on track
  • Why it’s important to re-evaluate your personal AND business life before setting goals for the next year so can get you on the path to business and life success
  • What can keep you from moving forward toward your goals and how to get unstuck
  • Best practices and daily habits that can keep you on track for your optimum personal and business success
  • And much more…

You Will Walk Away With:

  • An accountability buddy, if you and your small group members choose to get a buddy. (And if not, you’ll have the tools for how to get one outside of the group.)
  • A deeper connection to yourself and to pet business owners in your small workshop group as well as the larger group.
  • A clear understanding of how to take what you learn in this workshop to move your pet business and life forward to create what you most want in 2024.
  • Tips and tools for staying on track to create a business you enjoy running
  • A completed assessment of your 2023 challenges and what you achieved and a clear list of what you most want to create in 2024 – and how best to achieve those goals
  • And much more!

Details and FAQ about the Workshop:


Time: 4:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Eastern

How long is this workshop? 2-2.5 hours

How much:

How will I attend? Via Zoom. You can join the workshop from your phone or computer, though computer is recommended. You’ll experience an interactive workshop with like-minded business owners from all over the world.

How long do I have to sign up? This workshop has a limited number of spots available and sign up is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the workshop is filled, you will not be able to sign up on this page. If you can register on this page, there’s still space available!

I can’t make it on the day that it’s currently scheduled. Will you be offering this workshop on another night? We aren’t currently offering this workshop again on this year’s schedule of classes. Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live workshop because you’ll automatically receive the recording the day after the live class. (Attending live will enable you to meet other business owners, give you the opportunity to get a business buddy and experience the interactive part of this workshop!

Is this class for new business owners? I’ve owned my business for years. Will this class help me? This masterclass is for all types of business owners, regardless of how long in business and what type of business you have. All are welcome!

Okay, this sounds great! How do I sign up? It’s easy! Just click the registration button below to sign up.

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Antigone Killingstad
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Susan Howell Owner
Treats Pet Care Service, LLC
Alexandria, Virginia

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Jackie See
Moms4Paws Pet Sitting Service
High Point, North Carolina

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Anne Lesemann
Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow
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Josh Perlin
JP's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
Stoughton, MA

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Joe Hill
Best Pals Pet Care
Greensburg, PA

"Thank you so much, Kristin! Your hiring webinar gave me the boost I needed to go ahead with these hiring actions. I should have attended it sooner as I wasted some money and lots of time."
Jennifer Taylor
Jen Loves Pets Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
San Diego, CA

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Sandra Lassman
SnR Pet Care
Seattle, Washington

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Tina Brill
Kitty Kompanion
Murphy, North Carolina

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