How to Market Your Pet Business on LinkedIn to Get Real Results Webinar Recording


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Maximizing your use of LinkedIn for your pet business can set your sales on fire, not only because it’s currently the world’s largest business network but also because (according to Oktopost) an amazing 80%* of social media business leads can come through LinkedIn.

The problem? Most business owners simply don't know how to make the most of it.

The good news: you can start seeing real results with your ideal local customers as soon as you take action… and this webinar recording will teach you exactly what to do.

LinkedIn can seem overwhelming with so many options, as well as a bit boring because of its relentless business focus, but within its laser-beam business focus lies its beauty for reaching your exact prospects! 

Perhaps you tried fleshing out your LinkedIn presence years ago and got nowhere. But you keep hearing that it’s powerful for business success and you may ask, “Why isn’t LinkedIn working for me?” Well, this webinar will tell you why it’s not working for you now and EXACTLY what you can do about it to build your business and boost your brand.

Tap into the power of LinkedIn to build your business for your pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet grooming or doggy day care business with this 75-minute webinar recording.

Kathy Bernard

Kathy Bernard
LinkedIn Marketing Expert

Kathy Bernard is the CEO of WiserU and a speaker, corporate LinkedIn trainer, and coach. She trains groups and individuals to maximize LinkedIn for sales, marketing, recruiting, or job search. Her company, WiserU, LLC, also provides LinkedIn and career coaching and services, including LinkedIn profile and company page creation.

By Watching This Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • PROSPECTING: How to use LinkedIn to find and reach your target customers
  • PROFILE SECRETS: How to greatly enhance your LinkedIn profile to draw prospects to you
  • BUSINESS BRANDING: How to maximize your free LinkedIn company page
  • SUCCESS STRATEGIES: How to make the most of LinkedIn groups, which are packed with potential clients and even learn how to start your own free group
  • MARKETING FOR FREE: How to shine using free posts on prospects’ home page and the LinkedIn blog
  • PLUS, you’ll gain a better understanding of LinkedIn’s advertising and premium tools.
  • AND have time to ask questions to make sure that you understand precisely how to maximize LinkedIn for your pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet grooming or doggy day care business.

You Will Walk Away From This Webinar Recording With:

  • A focused understanding of how LinkedIn benefits your business
  • The insider trick that will make your company "findable" on the world's largest business network
  • Advanced techniques to stand out from your competition
  • Simple setting changes to ensure that you get better results instantly
  • Free approaches and third-party tools to help you avoid premium prices

This recording is 75 minutes in length. Make the most of LinkedIn to capture clients for your pet business by getting this groundbreaking webinar recording featuring best practices of businesses just like yours.

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