Recording: How to Grow Your Pet Business Using Instagram Webinar


Instagram is one of the most popular sites on social media today! If you are not taking advantage of the free advertising platform available on Instagram, you are missing out on getting your pet business in front of a large number of pet owners in your area. Instagram offers you access to a wide range of pet owners, many of whom are in the target demographic for your pet service (most Instagram users are men and women between the age of 30 and 45). When you learn how to use the Instagram social media platform the right way, it can help you to reach a lot of potential clients you would never otherwise connect with on Facebook, Twitter, or any of your other social media accounts. Instagram Stats:

  • 300 million users are active on Instagram every month
  • 75 million users post on Instagram every day
  • 20% of Internet users use Instagram
  • 27.6% of the U.S. population uses Instagram on a regular basis

Instagram is a highly visual platform. It’s based entirely on photographs, images, and short video clips, so you need to tailor your marketing efforts specifically to the Instagram platform. Overt, “in your face” marketing will NOT succeed on Instagram. People go to Instagram to see pictures and videos, so you need to be clever in your efforts to use the social media platform to reach new clients. This webinar will show you how to market your business easily and effortlessly to the pet owners in your area who are on Instagram. By watching this recording you will learn:

  • How to easily get started with free advertising on Instagram
  • How to find your way around the Instagram platform so you feel competent and ready to begin advertising to attract your ideal clients
  • How to format your Instagram bio for maximum results
  • What type of content to share on Instagram to promote your pet business
  • How to create “organic” and “native” Instagram images that maximize Instagram interactions with potential clients
  • Which specific, targeted hashtags to use to increase your Instagram exposure to the pet owners in your area
  • What types of calls-to-action to include in your Instagram posts to drive large amounts of traffic to your website
  • How to track your analytics and optimize your content accordingly
  • Key strategic methods to implement in your Instagram strategy

You will walk away from this webinar recording with:

  • A clear picture of how Instagram works and how to create powerful images and free advertising for your pet business
  • A clear understanding of how to fit Instagram into your existing marketing strategy
  • Simple, effective techniques to make your Instagram posts perform better than you ever thought possible
  • Advanced techniques to help you reap even more clients from Instagram
  • Tips and tools Instagram booklet to help you make the most of your Instagram experience

Ready to take your pet business to the next level and get more clients using Instagram? It’s easy! This 75-minute webinar is available for immediate download and immediate watching and listening on your computer NOW. Order the How to Grow Your Pet Business Using Instagram recording today and start getting new clients from Instagram right now!

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