Getting to YES: Sales Success Tips for Pet Business Owners WEBINAR

It can often be challenging to toot our horn when it comes to our pet business.

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But here’s the thing. You could have your business phone ringing off the hook with new client calls but if you don’t know how to SELL your pet service to potential clients you simply won’t be successful in business.

Many pet business owners provide a great service but when they try to talk about why a client should use their company they often get tongue-tied. Or they don’t talk about the value of their company with a potential client at all. Instead they simply quote rates and attempt to set up a client meeting. These actions may land you the job. Maybe.

But taking ‘maybe’ actions isn’t a powerful way to do business. Don’t you want to close the deal most, if not all, of the time?

Being a successful seller of your service does not need to involve hard sales tactics. In fact it really shouldn’t. The hard sell will turn clients off, rather than on, to your pet service.

There are specific steps you can take to becoming a master at selling your service to clients. Believe it or not, selling can be easy, fun and natural when you know how to do it.

This webinar will show you how to become an empowered seller of your pet services!

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • What needs to be established with your client before you can sell
  • What contributes most to selling your service and why
  • The #1 mistake pet business owners often make when trying to sell
  • The top concern for pet owners and how you can address that need
  • How to sell your service easily and effortlessly to potential clients
  • What one word is needed in order to effectively sell your service
  • The importance of tracking leads and how to do it effectively

What you will walk away with after attending this webinar:

  • A feeling of confidence in selling your service
  • What is needed to set clear objectives for each client call and email
  • How to sell yourself and selling your staff to potential clients
  • A clear knowing of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling
  • How to sell your service in a way that compels clients to say YES
  • And more!

Details and FAQ about the Secrets for Pet Sitting Business Success Webinar:


Time: 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

Not available on the webinar date? No problem! All who sign up will receive the webinar recording in addition to access to the live webinar.

How does class take place? Via a conference call line. Call-in instructions will be given upon signup.

How long is this webinar? 60–75 minutes (30 minutes will be for Q & A from the audience)

How much: $30

How: Conference Call instructions will be given upon sign-up!

How long do I have to sign up? It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are ready to achieve your pet sitting business goals and have questions that you need answered why not commit to your business and sign up today?

I can’t make it on the particular night that it is currently scheduled. Will you be offering this class on another night? At this time, we aren’t currently offering this webinar again on this year’s schedule of classes. If you are interested in attending this class on another night do email us to let us know you are interested and we may schedule another. We’ll send an announcement of new classes via our e-newsletter or you can check back on the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ website to see new classes that are posted monthly.

What if I won’t be home the night the class is happening? No problem! You can listen from the road or wherever you may be. All you need is a phone. You don’t even have to be in a quiet location because you will be muted. And guess what? If you really can’t make it on that night you can register now and just email us today to let us know you want the recording. We are happy to email you the recording of the webinar within 24 hours after the class. How is that for easy and convenient?

I’m tired of being on the phone. Why should I do this webinar? You can watch, listen and learn from the webinar via your computer if you like instead of listening via your phone. Many of our webinar attendees enjoy learning in their pajamas and from the comfort of their bed or with their feet up while relaxing in their favorite chair. It’s up to you!

Is this class for new pet business owners? I’ve owned my business for years. Will this class help me? This webinar is for ALL pet business owners who need and want to learn how to effectively sell their service to potential clients and to learn how to close the deal!

New pet business owners will benefit from getting clear instruction on how to create a successful pet business, and they will launch their business to success right away using the tips they learn from this class.  ‘Old dog’ pet business owners will learn new business success strategies that will jumpstart ~and breathe new life~ into their existing pet business.