Everything You Wanted To Know About Hiring Independent Contractors or Employees For Your Pet Business Webinar Recording


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Have you been thinking about converting your independent contractors to employees?

Or have you wanted to hire staff members for a while but you aren’t sure how to do it or are confused about whether to hire independent contractors or employees?

If you want to hire the correct way in your pet business, you’ll want to watch this webinar recording!

Kristin Morrison will be hosting this webinar with a top employment lawyer who has helped many service-based business owners convert their independent contractors to employees and has assisted those who haven’t hired before to hire correctly. He’s excited to help you too!

Please note: in addition to the information provided in this webinar recording we also recommend that you also consult with a local employment attorney in your area to discuss your particular business model to ensure you set up your business correctly for your particular city and state employment laws.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • The difference between employees and independent contractors
  • Considerations for deciding whether to hire employees or contract with independent contractors
  • The pros and cons of each business model
  • Proper ways to pay employees and contractors, including both wages and expenses
  • What paperwork is required for employees
  • What you can and cannot have in written employment and independent contractor agreements
  • How to figure out what third party resources, such as payroll companies, you might need

What you will walk away with after attending this webinar:

  • A feeling of confidence that you have selected the right business model
  • An understanding of the rules that apply to employees
  • The cost structure for your business model
  • What questions to ask – and not ask – when engaging employees and independent contractors
  • And more!

Ready to take your pet business to the next level? It’s easy!

Join pet business coach Kristin Morrison, the employment lawyer and hundreds of pet business owners from around the country as we discuss the answers to this important pet business topic.

This 75-minute webinar is available for immediate download and immediate listening on your computer NOW. Order the Hiring Employees and Independent Contractors Webinar Recording today and have your hiring questions answered right now!

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