Checklist for Pet Visit Jobs

(Contains 1 single-page intake form) $12

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Are you one of those pet sitters who doesn’t know exactly what needs to be done for AM/PM dog and cat visits or do you have staff who need a clear checklist of what needs to be done? This is the checklist for you!

This checklist was developed after literally thousands of dog and cat pet sitting visits completed by Kristin and her own pet sitting company. If there is something you need to add on this checklist, please let us know because we think it is fully complete!

Of course, if you do need to add or delete any item on this checklist you are welcome to do that and what’s more—it’s easy to change. Simply delete and type. Then save the document. This form is all about simple. Easy. Effective. And this checklist embodies all of those qualities. Try it, you’ll like it!

It also contains a mini-contract to have your independent contractors sign stating that they will do all items on the checklist and if an important checklist item is not done to your satisfaction then they are willing to have money deducted from their check.

Order this checklist today and immediately get clarity on your AM/PM pet visit jobs.