Application Packet for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers™

(Contains 8 pages) $75

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Kristin invented this packet after countless wasted hours of interviewing unsuitable people to represent her company!  Who would think 8 pages could save so much time and energy but it is true.  She's sold this packet to numerous pet sitting coaching clients and they have given her the feedback that it has helped them in hiring AMAZING staff members easily and effortlessly. And isn't the purpose of hiring people to make our lives easier?

This is THE formula for hiring great people!  For less than the cost of running a help wanted ad you can save your company its reputation; not to mention time, money, and energy. You are encouraged to make this packet your own by adding or deleting items contained in the packet as they relate to your particular business. Includes a letter from Kristin clearly detailing how this packet can best help you and some great hiring tips that have helped her and her coaching clients hire great staff throughout the years. The Application Packet™ will be emailed to you right away after ordering. How's that for quick and easy?

Each Application Packet™ contains:

  • Letter from Kristin with tips on how best to use this packet
  • 1 applicant letter
  • 2 applications specific for pet sitting
  • 3 job descriptions and pay schedules
  • 1 visit schedule
  • 1 dog walking schedule

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